Are you wondering, how to fix email stuck in Outbox of GMail? Finding out that the emails you just sent are not actually being sent is really nerve-wracking. That too, more so, when those emails are important, say an email to your Manager or if you are a student to your teacher regarding a project due submission today.

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email services, if not the most used today because it is easy and convenient to use. However, it is not perfect and has a few bugs and glitches every now and then. One common problem is, which I think we all would have faced once in a while, that is emails are not sent at times and get stuck in the outbox. So, in this post, we will be discussing the fix to such an issue and also what causes such an issue to crop up. So, without any further ado, let’s start with the topic right away! Here, we go!! 🙂

How to fix Email stuck in Outbox of GMail

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How to fix Email stuck in Outbox of GMail

So, have you ever wondered, why at times your email gets stuck in the Outbox of GMail? There may be a variety of reasons for the same, such as the large size of your email attachments, network issues, issue with your router, wrong receiver email id and quite a few others. So, in this section we will be looking at the various reasons and also how to overcome them. So, here we go!

Attachments size matters –>

When you send an email that contains files such as documents, images or even videos, it is important that it has the right file size. Currently, Gmail only allows file attachments of up to 25 MB when sending an email. So, you if want to send attachments which exceed this size limit, then you may try uploading the file to Google Drive and thereafter, pasting the link in your email.

On the other hand, if it is well within the size limit then you can continue with the attachment. And, in cases of your email still getting stuck in Outbox, try checking your network connection and speed.

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Check your Network Connection –>

In most cases, GMail requires a stable internet connection to work as expected. If your network fluctuates or you have no network, you will not be able to see the latest updates.

  • To check if you have an active internet connection, you can try opening a webpage using your Chrome browser.
  • Alternatively, you can also test your internet speed by going to this link, to see how much data your phone is pulling from the network.
  • If the internet speed is not too good, you can try connecting to another wifi network or wait a few moments before using GMail again.

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Clear GMail app cache

Sometimes, the problem may not be your network or the attachment size, but with the cache data of your application. Probably the cache data is corrupted. Usually, apps over time store some data in their memory to make the app run faster and work efficiently. But over time, it may get corrupt. So, if your GMail app is behaving badly, clearing the cache data can help fix the problem.

  • Launch the device “Settings” app.
  • Then, go to “Apps & Notifications” –> “View all Apps” —-> “App info”
  • Thereafter, search for “GMail” and tap open it.
  • Next, on the GMail app information page, tap “Memory & Cache”.
  • Finally, tap “Clear Cache” to clear the cached data.
  • Now, press the back button once and tap the Force stop button to close the GMail app.
  • After that, restart the GMail app to see if that fixes the problem or try another of the solutions listed below.
  • Enjoy 🙂

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Check if your Gmail account is set to offline mode –>

If you are using GMail with your Chrome browser, it is possible that you have set your account to offline mode. GMail has a feature that lets you search, browse, and reply to emails even when you are offline, and automatically sends the message once you are back online. So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Chrome and go to the official GMail page.
  • In Gmail, tap the “Settings (gear)” icon.
  • Then, click on the “Offline” tab.
  • Finally, make sure you have unchecked “Enable Offline Mail” –> “Save Changes”.
  • Now, refresh the Gmail website and try sending an email to see if the issue resolves.
  • Enjoy 🙂
How to fix Email stuck in Outbox of GMail

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Clear GMail cache in Chrome –>

Here’s what you need to do, to clear the GMail cache data in Chrome:

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Tap on the three-dots button –> “Settings” —> “Privacy & Security”
  • Thereafter, go to “Cookies and other website data” –> “Show All Cookies and website data”.
  • Now, look for Mail and click the trashcan(delete) button to clear Gmail’s cache from your browser.
  • Finally, try sending an email again and enjoy 🙂

Update your GMail application –>

If you are using Gmail on your smartphone, it is possible that the current version of Gmail installed on your device has a bug or error. It’s also possible that the version of Gmail installed on your device is no longer supported and is having trouble communicating with Gmail’s servers. So, you can try updating the app as below:

  • Open the Google Play Store(Android users) and Apple App Store(iOS users).
  • Thereafter, tap the search bar and search for “GMail”. Or,
  • Tap on “My Apps and Games” tab in the side menu.
  • Finally, Google Play will automatically check if there is an update available for all the apps installed on your Android device.
  • If available, click the Update button on the side of the Gmail app to start the update.
  • Thereafter, wait for the update to complete.
  • Now, try sending an email again. There you go! Enjoy 🙂
How to fix Email stuck in Outbox of GMail

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Allow GMail to use Mobile Data –>

Now, if you are using mobile data as your internet connection, it is possible that the data saving option is enabled on your device, preventing Gmail from using your mobile data to send or receive emails from your contacts. So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open your device “Settings” app.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Apps” –> “GMail”
  • Now, in GMail settings, tap on the “Mobile Data” tab.
  • Finally, make sure that the “Allow background data usage” and “Allow app while data sparing” settings are enabled in Gmail.
  • Thereafter, go and enjoy sending an email again 🙂


So, now that you have come to this, I am pretty sure that you have gone through all the methods and facts related to the topic, “How to fix Email stuck in Outbox of GMail?” Thus, now I can rest assured that your crisis is over and you will now be able to move your emails out of Outbox on GMail. So, make sure to use the knowledge acquired here and thereby make your life easy and peasy. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!! –>