About Us

Hack Anons

This blog is a guide for troubleshooting with  tech tips & tricks and how to GTD (get things done). If it’s related to technology and can make things better for you, I will cover it. However, some topics are well explained in a video rather than writing. Right? And with this in mind, you can reach our YouTube channel .

Who is the man behind Hack Anons?

I am Kavin, technology lover, internet power user, google fan boy. And here are few things about me:#1 Being a 90’s kid, I was always fascinated with computers and gadgets as i have been using the internet from the ‘dial-up’ ages#2 Later, growing up i used to help people around me with technology related issues and then for graduating nothing felt better then engineering, I decided to go with what I love and choose ‘Computer Science‘ stream to know things from inside.#3 My passion towards technology grew more in college. I used to read a lot of tech blogs that time and later decided to start my own blog and share what I have learned’.#4 I hope this blogs will grow bigger and better with things i share , so finally i am in Final Year of my Engineering along with my first job as Software Developer at HCL Technologies i have decided to become a part time blogger/YouTuber.. If you have something to say, join me on Google+ or send me an email. I am friendly.