Want to record your screen while using TikTok, but don’t know how to do it? Worry not! I am here to teach you to Screen Record TikTok anytime and anywhere you want.

Overview — TikTok Screen Record

TikTok is a very famous and well-known video-sharing application out there; along with being one of the most used social media nowadays. On TikTok, you can create and share 15-second videos, lip syncs, or even comedy short videos. Most TikTokers share their short videos to get more followers and viewers. This also goes a long way in earning something from their creations.

Sometimes, other people will want to download a video but find that the download button is not there. In such cases, one can use a TikTok screen recorder. This screen recorder will then record the videos you want to save. Meanwhile, screen recorders are hard to find because most of them do not work properly. But, besides these, I bring to you the best methods to record your favorite TikTok videos easily; without facing any difficulty.

Screen Record TikTok

Screen Record TikTok — Various Platforms

In this section, we will look into various screen recorders to record videos on iPhones, iPads and Android devices; even PCs, and Macs. Thus, let us go through each method one by one and carefully.

On iOS devices ~~>

Have you ever wondered how to record on TikTok using an iPhone or iPad? Well, thanks to iOS’s built-in screen recorder feature; you can record and capture TikTok videos on iPhone or iPad for free. The iOS’s built-in screen recorder has an intuitive interface that lets you record TikTok videos with just a few taps.

Besides recording TikTok videos, you can also record all activities on your iPhone or iPad with better quality. Moreover, the captured screen video will be automatically saved to your camera album. To record your screen on iOS devices follow these steps:

  • Visit “Settings” > “Control Panel” > “Screen Capture” > Tap on the “+” icon.
  • Then, on the home screen, swipe up/down on the screen and select the “Screen Capture” button.
  • Now, open TikTok and select any video that you want to record.
  • The recording is taking place and when you finish like stopping it; you can press the “Stop” button to complete the recording.
  • Now, you can play the recorded video from your camera album.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your good company!

On Android Devices ~~>

What about recording screens on your Android devices? Have you tried how to record your screen on TikTok? If not, then you can try recording with AZ Screen Recorder. It is one of the best screen recorders for Android that lets you record TikTok videos in HD quality.

Moreover, you can record TikTok videos without any time limit. With the help of this TikTok screen recorder, you can save TikTok videos and share them with your friends. Apart from recording, you can also use this app for screen recording, video editing, and more. Read the steps below to record TikTok videos :

  • Download AZ Screen Recorder from here.
  • Thereafter, install the application.
  • Now, press the Record button on the floating toolbar of the application to start the recording process.
  • Open TikTok app and select any video you want to record.
  • Now, when you finish with your recording, tap on the “Stop” button to complete the recording.
  • Remember that the recorded file is saved to your gallery.
  • Thus, you can open your gallery anytime and munch on your favorite video collections.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your time!

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PC Users ~~>

TikTok is not only an app for Android and iOS but also available for web browsers. You can use it directly on your PC without an emulator. With the web app, you can browse TikTok videos and also upload videos from your computer. However, the web version similar to the Android and iOS versions does not allow for downloading of videos.

Screen Record TikTok

Thus, to solve this problem, we have researched some built-in screen recorders like Game Bar and others. In this section, we will see how we can utilize Game Bar to record videos on TikTok on our computers.

  • Click on the search icon and type “enable game bar” and then open the same.
  • Now, you need to turn on Xbox Game Bar for …… Enable.
  • Thereafter, open and login into your TikTok web application.
  • Now, search for a video and open it to play it.
  • Now tap on the video once, to pause it. And, move your play cursor to the starting.
  • Thereafter, press the “Windows + G” buttons to activate the playbar and click the Capture button on the Capture tab.
  • If you do not see the Capture button, click Capture on the top menu bar to display the Capture tab.
  • When you finish, click on the “Stop Capture” button and press “Windows + G”.
  • Thereafter, open the folder containing the videos and enjoy your captured videos with elan.

Mac Users ~~?

Mac Users have QuickTime as a solution to record TikTok videos. QuickTime is a video player and screen recorder for MacOS. It plays videos in various formats and records the computer screen with external audio.

Users who want to record desktop audio on macOS will need a virtual audio device like BlackHole. Thereafter, follow the steps given below:

  • Download and install BlackHole.
  • Thereafter, set it up.
  • Next, tend to Audio MIDI Setup and make a multi-output medium. Also, check for the BlackHole and Drift Correction too.
  • Now, create an Aggregate Device and check Built-in Microphone and BlackHole 16ch.
  • Thereafter, go to “System Preferences” > Sound > Input > BlackHole 16ch.
  • Then, go to System Preferences > Sound > Output > Multi-Output Device.
  • Now, open QuickTime and start recording by clicking on File > Choose “New Screen Recording”.
  • Finally, click on Record and play the video that you want to screen record.
  • Next, click on Stop recording when you finish.
  • Thus, that’s it! You are now free to enjoy your collection.
Screen Record TikTok

TikTok Screen Record Notifications

You don’t get any notifications when someone takes a screenshot of your post, including direct messages. Thus, if you want to block screen capture on TikTok, you can change the privacy settings on TikTok. You can disable the download option in TikTok settings.


So, in this post, we looked at various methods to screen record videos on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. We came to know about some great recorders like AZ Screen Record, QuickTime and others. I thus quite sincerely hope that this post quenches your thirst for more information; and, also comes as an answer to your important query. On this note, until next time, see ya!! Goodbye!! :)~~>

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