A popular saying in the designing world goes like this “An image is equivalent to a thousand words likewise a prototype is worth thousand meetings“. No doubt, that this saying epitomizes the Software for UI UX Design today. Whether it’s simple experimentation or formulating your vision into something tangible. Prototypes do assist in testing and building designs, while preserving overall consistency.

There are many tools today to assist you produce digital products. They vary from design tools to developing tools. Also, web creation tools. UI/UX design tools are the tools to assist you create product creation faster and far simpler. Thus, in this article, I will tell you about the best UI UX Design Software(s).

Why is UI/UX design neccessary?

As designers are sure to design things that are described to them by clients. Not, all designers actually get to what the client really wants. This is often then followed by a series of meetings. Or, emails or phone conversations to succeed in their final design which truly may be a hassle. Here come the various design tools to your rescue. Prototyping tools allow designers and clients to collaborate better. All this, while being within the same context instead of having conflicting perspectives.

So, lets discuss the various designing tools now.

Figma — Best UI UX Design Software

Figma is the latest addition to the growing prototyping tools that designers and mainly design teams use to prototype. It’s a one-tool solution that consists of powerful modern features. A solution where a team can collaboratively create a versatile and accessible design from start to finish .

Figma is straightforward to use. Quite quick to share and also offers exceptional value for money. Truly, upto the mark for the occasion that gains the eye of designers. Designers, trying to find manageable web-based tools round the online market.


It is one of the hottest designing tools in use by designers and top enterprises today. It supports compatibility in multiple file types. Also, it features a click-and-drag function that permits the designer to efficiently create hi-fi prototypes. By employing a background eraser, one can easily upload transparent images. And, also add some animations and transitions.

Project collaboration has been simplified because the team can see real-time design changes and gather feedback quickly. It also allows designers to arrange the planning list through its drag-and-drop workflow. InVision features a well-established reputation that continuously seeks to assist designers prototypes. By constantly providing new features to extend efficiency.


Sketch is a vector-based designing tool with an intuitive interface. It allows easy edit styling, sizing, and style layouts and attributes. A depth sort of borders, gradient fills, blending modes, and more. It supports a smooth design process where designers can create high-quality prototypes in only a few of minutes.

Sketch empowers designers to show ideas into incredible artworks. Though it had been specifically built for Mac OS. It also supports many plugins adding flexibility to the present powerful tool.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most apt go-to apps for UI/UX designers. It is because it is an all-in-one designing tool for building wire-frames. Also, used for interactive prototypes, website designs, games, mobile applications and voice interfaces. It allows teams to figure together among platforms. All, during a real-time manner while receiving valuable comments and feedback from clients directly.

Adobe XD is out there both for Mac OS and Windows. It also supports seamless integration with other Adobe products. It is the most recent addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite.


Proto.io makes highly engaging prototypes. That have the design and feel almost real. Also, this software is often utilized for testing your prototype designs on multiple devices. Another gripping feature of Proto.io is that there are actions that increase the efficiency of the appliance . Some of the fascinating features are Dropbox sync, Adaptive UI libraries, Material Design UI Library, and Offline mode, etc. Initially intended for mobile apps, Proto.io has found its markets. Markets in other emerging internet-connected devices like smart TVs, refrigerators, alarm clocks and cars, gaming devices and Google Android Wear.


It is a very powerful designing tools. It is code-free and easy-to-follow. Also, it lets you create or link interactive pages and components with an easy drag-and-drop option. It has over 3000 UI icons and 200 components that resemble Android, iOS and PC programs. Simple drag-and-drop to form interactions. And,there are several preview ways to check out your prototypes. It is very efficient to use and is also quite easy and simple. The collaboration features like group project, collaborative design and online review make your teamwork as time-efficient as possible.

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It is a robust wire-frame UX designing software. It provides you the control to design any sort of mobile application needing a specific interface. Developed with extraordinary interactive features, HotGloo allows collaboration on one app wire-framing project. Through this software, one can work on various wire-framing projects. Anytime and anywhere without any sort of hindrance.

UI UX Design Software

Atomic — UI UX Design Software

It is a web-based tool which requires Google Chrome. It gives you the pliability and control you would like to fine-tune your interaction. Just click the play button to ascertain your changes and animations in action. Atomic provides quick access to all or any developers. All, by providing a shared prototyping system that’s effortless. The best feature of the tool is that’s the history option. This option thus, allows you to rewind to ascertain previous iterations and make new versions from any point.


It is a simple and user-friendly cloud-based solution to make a sensible interface and style specifications. Designers can create prototypes for Desktop. Also, for Android, and Apple Products and also features Sketch plugin and iOS tool. Marvel has a very centralized workspace. A place where designers and clients can validate every stage of the planning process.

FINAL THOUGHTS –> UI UX Design Software

The various design softwares detailed above have their own special advantages. They have their own specialties and thereby, suit different needs. There are lots of other tools too not included here. But, ultimately, it all boils down to choosing the right one. The one that works the best for you. If you’re a seasoned designer performing on complex animations. Then, Figma might work the best for you. Likewise, if you’re a design newbie, then MockPlus should be your go-to. Therefore, use your own intelligence and work need to choose the best designing software and make your life easy.

UI UX Design Software

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