Chrome flags android are some of important feature someone can miss so here we are writing this blog to bring you that. Chrome is used by all of us throughout our busy lives. Google chrome has become the most popular but also important browser. It comes preinstalled in many android devices. Google Chrome have been always improving and evolving with our needs and choices. But Google Chrome have amazing hidden features that lot of us don’t even know about. These are called Chrome flags android.

These Chrome flags android are readily available for everyone to use. You can customize your chrome to make your experience with chrome worth it. These ‘hidden’ features, though not commonly heard of, are not so hidden. Users can access these via Flags that you can toggle ON/OFF.

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You can download the Google Chrome from here

How to access Chrome flags android?

It’s quite difficult to find the Chrome flags android. No matter how much you find it but it will be difficult to find the setting. Chrome Flags settings unless you know how to access this section. You need to know your way in!

  • You have to open chrome.
  • Now click on the address and delete any URL that may be in it.
  • Now just type the following address bar: chrome://flags/
  1. Press Enter.
  2. You are in!

There are two main tabs in the Chrome Flags menu: Available and Unavailable. Some of these experimental features are only available in certain device. So here are the best chrome flags that you can use to make your chrome life better.

Smooth Scrolling

Chrome flags android

Have you ever notice your chrome scrolling getting sluggish and slow and stutter. There are many reasons of why it could be happening. But if you have this Chrome flags android it can improve your situation drastically. You can just search for smooth scrolling in the search bar and then enable it.  It’s not only a great feature Android users should enable, but it can also be used on Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Password and Account data storage:

Some people don’t like to sync there chrome browser data across different devices. And if you are one of these users and you still want to have access of all your passwords. This chrome extension allows you to store your passwords in a secondary Gaia-account-scoped storage. Your passwords can then be accessible from multiple devices running Chrome without turning sync on.

Now in the chrome flags search for the “Enable the Account Data Storage for Passwords.” Now just click on the drop-down menu next to it and select enabled.

Experimental QUIC Protocol

Chrome flags android

There are few Chrome flags android that can speed your browsing experience. QUIC is Google’s own protocol now it is designed to make your web faster. You can enable to speed things up on your browser.

In the Chrome Flags page, search for “Experimental QUIC Protocol.” Click on the drop-down menu next to it and select Enabled.

Reader Mode:

Chrome flags android

We all know web is an ocean of information that we can all gather on different opinion and options. But we can say that the reading experience is not always the greatest. This flag can be a readers dream. You can enable a reading mode and life will become easier and fun.

Search for “Enable Reader Mode” and enable the Flag in the drop-down Chrome Flags menu.

 Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

Chrome flags android

Now with everything coming with dark mode. We all want dark mode with everything. It can please you both aesthetically and for eye comfort. So if you are a fan and want it on web contents and support it. But all the websites are not so cooperating but there is a secondary option that forces the option on all websites.

But with Chrome flags this is easy you can just search for the  “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents”. Enable the feature through the drop-down menu next to it.

Parallel Downloading

You all at sometime must have faced the problem of downloading large files and waiting endlessly. This delay can be solved by dividing downloads into multiple files to be downloaded simultaneously.

You can do this by searching “Parallel Downloading”. Then enable this feature by using the drop-down menu to the right.

Show autofill predictions

Chrome flags android

Google knows how everyone hates filling forms and that too if it is repetitive. So, this process is made simpler by using autofill. But if you are still uncomfortable with this feature. Then you should try having Chrome autofill form information automatically by enabling the “Show autofill predictions” Flag.

After searching for “Show Autofill Predictions”, you can enable it by using the drop-down menu to the right.

Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture

Chrome flags android

This is one of the flags that Chrome flags android can’t enjoy. Google allows video picture in picture. This means you can enjoy the video while working on other things.

The video window can even be pulled out of Chrome!

Search and enable “Global Media Controls Picture-in-Picture”. Next time you are viewing a video, simply look for the new media button in the top-right corner of Chrome. Select the Picture-in-Picture icon and your video will pop up in a small square.


So if you want to enjoy your life while working on chrome and want to customize according to your need. Then we have brought you Chrome flags android. Different options that you can try to customize and make it the way you want. Hope you find this information useful. Thank You for the read.

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