I am sure most of you have played the Google Dinosaur game which turns on when you encounter no internet screen. It is a never-ending obstacle game that will necessarily give you enough fun without the internet. Anyway, you will get bored with it sometimes. I know that you are a mediocre fan and loves to add some extra functionalities to light up the game. Today I am going to tell you about the top Google dinosaur game hacks which excite you. 

Google Dinosaur Game Hacks

If you don’t have an internet connection, chrome will automatically load the no internet page along with the Dino game.

If you want to play even after having an active internet connection, you can try typing chrome://dino in the search bar to get started. With this, you can play the game having an internet connection. 

Just click Space or Enter button to get your Dino running.

Let me give take you from the beginning. Follow the below steps to open the game and go to the console in the chrome browser.

  1. Search for “Chrome://Dino” in the search bar to open the game –
Google Dinosaur Game Hack

2. Here open the game ‘Google Dinosaur game’ –

Google Dinosaur Game Hack

3. Click the “Right mouse button” to enable couple of options – Click on the “Inspect” option in the bottom.

Google Dinosaur Game Hack

4. Now opens the developer options. There choose “console” option to get started as shown.

Google Dinosaur Game Hack

That’s it. Now you are all set to begin some serious FUN with the game functionalities. I have illustrated some cool game hacks below. Make the required changes as per suggestions and have FUN!!!

1. Change the Speed

The T-Rex runs at a decent pace. But you can change the pace and have some fun with your friends. Using the below code you can fast/slow down the pace of the Dino.

You can copy the below code into the console and press enter. Here the speed is mentioned as 1000. You can try either reducing or incrementing it. But kindly note that the extreme low and high values and interrupt the UI and it may result in a blank page.

Google Dinosaur

Like this, you can tweak the speed and can enjoy different gameplay experience.

2. Make it Immortal

I love this hack. I am not good at scoring high in this. My friends used to beat me all the time. So I applied this hack to surprise my mates and trust me it is real fun!

With this hack, your dino will go through the Obstacles without getting out.

Copy the below code into the console and run that to get the T-Rex immortal.

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver
Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}
Game Hack

It’s working perfect! You can see that our Dino is going through the Obstacles without getting OUT!!!

3. Sky is the Limit

Yes, the sky is the limit for our Dino. You can change the Jump height of height. Even though it seems easy now to score big, but a bit hard to get going in the very first time.

Copy this code into the console and try changing the value 10 to 20, 30, or even more to witness the change in jump height.

Dinosaur Game

Here, I have changed to 50 and you can observe that my Dino is not even in the frame. It is jumping even higher 🙂

4. Score is just a number now!

Yes, with this hack, the score is just a number. With just one line of code, you can change the score to your choice.

Copy the below code into console and see the fun! Change the numbers of your choice and see the magic.

Runner.instance_.distanceRan = 1234

Just look at the scores!!! It’s whooping right?

That’s the magic. You can outsmart your fellow mates with this hack and take gaming to the fun level.

Wrapping Up

Most of us will play the Google Dinosaur game more often to have some fun. We used to challenge our friends to get a high score and beat them. 

But these hacks will somehow change the way of gaming and tweak the functionalities. Anyhow, it will be great fun to play with these hacks with your dear ones.

I hope you liked these hacks and HAVE FUN!!!

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