PUBG is the most popular battle royale game on this planet. PUBG has over 227 million active users globally. If you are searching for the full form of PUGB, then I can say that you must be a die-hard player of PUBG. No matter what, in this article, you will come to know about the full form of PUBG and some other interesting facts about it.

PUBG is available in the Google store and it is downloaded over 100 million times to date. In a very less time, PUBG became a sensation in the field of battle royale. So, let’s roll!!!

Full form of PUBG

We all know that PUBG is the most popular multiplayer battle royale game. It offers many features and in-app purchases for its users to buy costumes, Gun skins, and more. Because of buying things, people should have enough diamonds.

You can install the PUBG game both on your phone and on your PC as well. So, It is highly compatible and all your in-app transactions are protected by 256-bit encryption.

The full form of PUBG is – PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUND. Apart from this, the PUBG game has many abbreviations. In this article you will see some interesting facts na abbreviations. 

Interesting facts about PUBG

These are the most interesting facts about PUBG –

  • The PUBG mobile is most popular from its counterpart PUBG release.
  • PUBG mobile TV ad recorded highest watch rate.
  • Launched web series on PUBG mobile on India.
  • So Developed by Tencent games.
  • Real places in the game.

Abbreviations in PUBG mobile

UC – You can see that the UC or Unknown Cash is the in-game currency of PUBG Mobile. You can make use of it to buy the costumes, gun skins and more.

RP – RP stands for the Royale Pass, which is a tier-based or a level-based reward system. Hence, The players can upgrade to Royale Pass Elite for 600 UC.

TPP – The TPP stands for Third Person Perspective. So, you got it right?

HP – HP or Health Points is the amount of health the players have at a certain moment in the game. So, dont forget it when you are playing next time.

GG – Its for Good Game and the abbreviation is used at the end of the game and is a way of showing appreciation towards your teammates.

IGN – Hence the IGN is the in-game name of the players. You can use this for renaming purpose.

Wrapping Up – Full form of PUBG

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale game in the world. As it is mentioned above, the full form of PUBG is PLAYER UNKNOWN”S BATTLE GROUND.

I hope you get to know about the abbreviation of PUBG along with some interesting facts on it. So, why wait, let’s PUBG!!!

But, that’s all for now. Happy playing!!!

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