Do you know how fast is 600 Kbps? Is it fleetly enough for web browsing, streaming music, or tapes? Yea, I had the exact same questions in my mind! So, let’s see the significance of it. To stream online video, you need a high-speed internet connection. We have a range of speeds that we get from our Internet Service Providers (ISP). The speeds are measured in Kb, Mb, etc. Therefore likewise let us see how much is 600kbps. Thereby, getting to the root significance of this.

How fast is 600 kbps

kbps is a unit of measure, an abbreviation of kilobit per second. One kilobit is equal to 1024 bits; but in general, it is taken as 1000 bits. Thus, 600 kbps is equal to 600000 bits per second.

Now, let us check if the speed of 600kbps is enough speed for internet usage.

Is 600 kbps speed enough for internet

Indeed, it is not enough for proper internet usage. Because this speed of 600kbp is not at all enough i.e. not fast enough for proper video streaming let alone downloading. You can only do some light social media usage like browsing or playing online music. While any manual-hung dispatches like emailing, communicating, drooling will work stylishly with a 600 Kbps speed. So, remember that for video streaming and heavy usage tasks you will definitely require more data speed.

Is it enough for online gaming

To play online games you will require extremely high data speed. But is 600 Kbps fleetly enough for online gaming? No, 600 Kbps data speed isn’t enough for online gaming. Notwithstanding, 600 Kbps is a really low data speed that allows you to do only certain simple tasks. You will be requiring a data speed of around more than 5-10 Mbps to play proper online games.


Netflix and Amazon are the trendy platforms that we nowadays for viewing movies and web series. But, remember for viewing videos and/or movies you will be requiring greater data speed. But is 600 Kbps fleetly enough to stream Netflix? No, you need an internet speed of a minimum of around 5-10 Mbps to watch videos and series on Netflix. So, now, go and get your high-speed internet connection and continue watching your favorite movies and videos on your favorite OTT platform.

How fast is 600 kbps

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For Hulu

Hulu is a live Box app where you can stream and watch 4K UHD tapes. So, is 600 Kbps enough for Hulu? No, Hulu requires developed bandwidth to channel multiple tapes at once. You need 5-10 Mbps or developed data speed to enjoy a high-quality viewing experience.

For Zoom and Chirr

As usual, the answer to this question is still a big NO. The chirr app comes in handy to conduct online group meetings or tape calls. So, is 600 Kbps enough for chirr calls or meetings? Indeed, NO! You need an internet speed of more than 5 Mbps to conduct chirr meetings or tape calls.

How fast is 600 kbps

600 kbps for T-Mobile Hotspot

The T-mobile hotspot is the cheapest unlimited data plan that allows you to tether habitude at your favorite speed. This data plan is enough for streaming music but not tapes i.e. videos obviously. You can also be fit to browse the internet and check your emails. The only handicap of this hotspot is that it may consume a longer time than usual.

There are also two other types of hotspots AT&T mobile hotspot and Verizon mobile hotspot. Presently, the AT&T and Verizon mobile hotspot plan furnish forward data speed allotment to druggies.

Thus, as we are now aware, to enjoy quality browsing we will require great internet speed. If not, then you will be cursing your internet speed. Therefore, to get the best out of your internet is upgrading it to 4G or if possible 5G speeds. If you wish to have cheap internet connectivity then, you will require a speed of more than 600 kbps obviously.


After going through this post, we all are clear that the speed of only 600 kbps is never enough for high-quality browsing and/or watching movies and videos on the go. The activities that we can do with 600 kbps speeds are using Fb, WhatsApp, and Instagram, playing music, emailing, and simple browsing. But things, that we can’t do with this speed are activities like watching videos and movies on OTT, watching YouTube videos, playing online games, etc.

Until next time, see-ya and take care 🙂

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