Netflix with its launch in 1990s, began shipping DVD to homes in US. Within a decade, it branched into online streaming, and now it’s one among the most important streaming services within the world. However, you’ll still be able to rent DVDs using Netflix. The catch here is that it is a separate subscription and can cost you additional on top of your pre-existing Netflix streaming plan, if you’ve got one. So, let’s see and discuss the various Netflix DVD Plans.

Netflix DVD Plans

Netflix DVD Plans

To order a DVD from Netflix, you will have to check in for a DVD plan. After a free 1 month trial, each DVD plan has its own cost:

  • To rent single DVD’s at one time you need to spend around $8 per month.
  • In addition, if you also rent Blu-Ray discs, it will cost around $10 per month,.
  • Note, that this plan changes when you rent 2 DVD’s at one time. In that case, it will costs you around $12 per month.
  • In addition, if you also rent Blu-Ray discs, with the DVDs, it will cost around $15 per month.

Also, note that not all movies and shows on Netflix are available in DVD format. This is rarer in Blu-ray format. However, there are some shows and films that are available exclusively through the DVD plan.

Netflix DVD Plans

Getting to your desired Netflix Plan

Signing up for a DVD plan on Netflix is straightforward and requires only a couple of steps. Let’s see what are these steps :

If you’ve already been able to secure a Netflix streaming plan, you’ll be able to add a DVD mailing plan with the below-mentioned steps:

  • On your Mac or PC, launch your preferred browser and attend
  • Thereafter, login into your account and open your profile.
  • Click your profile icon within the top-right, then select “Account” from the menu.
  • Open your “Account” settings > “Plan Details” > “Add DVD Plan”.
  • The “Add DVD Plan” option are going to be listed underneath your current plan.
  • Then, select the Standard or the Premier plan to start out a free trial for Netflix’s DVD service.
  • Thereafter, don’t forget to select the “Get Started” option. Also, if you want Blu-Ray option then select, “Yes, I would like to incorporate Blu-ray.”
  • After your free trial ends, the payment method you employ to buy Netflix will start being charged for the DVD plan.
  • Once you order a DVD, it’ll typically arrive in one to 3 days.
  • You’ll be able to keep the disc(s) for as long as you wish , with no late fees.
  • Once you send the ordered disc back, the other DVDs in your queue will start being shipped.
Netflix DVD Plans

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku !!!

How to check for DVD only plan on Netflix

You can check in for the Netflix DVD plan by heading to Choose the plan you would like to subscribe and follow the required steps that follow. You don’t got to have an existing Netflix decide to be ready to access the DVD plan.

  • If you have already got a Netflix streaming package, attend .
  • Log in to your Netflix account
  • Tap on your profile
  • Select Account from the menu
  • While on the Account page, scroll right down to Plan Details
  • Select Add DVD plan
  • Select an idea you would like to subscribe
  • Check the box adjacent to “Yes, I would like to incorporate Blu-ray” if you would like to urge Blu Ray on titles that have them
  • Follow instructions on the subsequent pages as instructed.

Is Netflix DVD Plan Worth the money

Just like the quality streaming-only plans, the Netflix DVD plan has its own advantages. You don’t need an online connection; Blu Ray discs provide better quality and cheaper than the quality Netflix price. For that reason, Netflix DVD plans are worthwhile.


What we’re having with us is nothing but a service perpetually in decline. It is still offering contents that is not replicable for hardcore film geeks like myself. This DVD service is declining by the day; and is already in downward spiral and will be shut down any time. But, it’s worth the memory because when it’s gone, there’s not getting to be any replacement.

We’ll always have the memory, at least, of that point a decade ago when Netflix possessed the only greatest film library that anyone had ever assembled, or likely ever will assemble. Perhaps in around the 2030s, when we’re all paying for 100 different streaming services; each with access to half a dozen movies. Until next time. See-ya 🙂

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