It seems like its been eternity since Netflix was made viable and ready for use on ROKU. It has so happened because Netflix is one of the most streamed OTT platform. One sort of coincidence you may call is that Netflix ex-president, Anthony Wood was the one who founded Roku TV. So, there is a lot of similarity in the relationship between Netflix and Roku. Anthony Wood being the connecting link between Netflix and Roku and hence these companies sharing a very healthy relationship. Now, coming to the point, we need to have a Netflix account to use the platform. Suppose, I want to logout of my account so what do I do? Therefore, lets see How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku.

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku New Device

To generally log out of Netflix on the recent editions of Roku systems, like Roku 3.0 and 4.0, or for that matter, the Streaming Stick, the Express edition, Ultra or the Premiere Roku. All these devices support the same structure. Hence, to log out of all these modern Roku devices we have to follow the same pattern of instructions. Lets see what are these instructions.

  • Get to the Home Screen of the Netflix OTT Platform.
  • Now move left to get to the Menu items.
  • Then, Go to Help
  • Finally, you just need to scroll down and Click on Sign Out.
  • Furthermore, you need to confirm with a “Yes” when prompted to confirm.
  • Hurray ! You are logged out of Netflix on your Roku device.

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Suppose, the “Get Help” is Unavailable

On most modern devices of Roku, you might face the problem where the “Get Help” option is not available. In that scenario, you need to visit the Settings option and opt to Log Out of Netflix through this method.

Or, you may also open the Netflix application. Then proceed with this sequence as given below :

  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right,
  • Then, again Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.
  • Finally after going for the last Up sequence, you head over to the Sign Out option.
  • Select the Sign Out option.
  • Then, confirm with a Yes when prompted.
  • What did you see? Yup! you guessed it right. You are logged out of your Netflix account on the Roku device.
How to Log Out of Netflix on ROKU

How to Log Out of Netflix on Roku Older Device Systems

With the older Roku device systems, I mean the Roku 1.0 edition, the Roku XS, LT and XD editions also. In these devices, though you need to opt for a slight different technique to Log Out of Netflix. Lets see what these techniques are :

Roku XS, LT and the XD editions :

  • Head to the Home Menu on Roku by tapping the Home button.
  • Select the Netflix application.
  • Then, press the Star button.
  • Now, opt for Remove Channel option
  • This removes your Netflix application.
  • Hence, you are by default, logged out of Netflix.
  • Furthermore, in case you change your decision and wish to restore it again.
  • You can do so by, Going to Streaming Channels.
  • From there, head on to Movies & TV section
  • Finally, again select Netflix. You are now ready to surf Netflix.
How to Log Out of Netflix on ROKU

Edition Roku 1.0

  • Head to the Home Menu on Roku by tapping the Home button.
  • Go to Settings option
  • Then, further, go to the Settings of Netflix in the Netflix Settings option.
  • Now, select the option of Deactivate this player from the Netflix application account.
  • When, prompted thereafter, Tap on Yes to Confirm.
  • And, you are done.


In this article we discussed the various methods of logging out of Netflix on Roku devices. These steps mentioned in-here are quite simple and easy to follow for anyone, even a Rookie. Hence, don’t panic and follow the steps carefully. Following these steps diligently will bear fruition and you will be successful in logging out of Netflix.

By the way, for you information and anyways you would be knowing by now. Netflix is available on all devices nowadays and not only on the Roku devices. So, what are you waiting for? Go and view your favorite Netflix flick now.

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