Usually, the ps4 controller lagging is the lag in which you cannot register controller input completely. Or there is a delay in registering it when you are playing your game or using the application. For example, if you are pressing the button on the controller then after doing it. There may be a delay in the action that is being displayed on-screen or monitor and it can ruin your gaming experience.

Causes For PS4 Controller Lagging

If you are facing the lagging issue with your ps4 controller then here are some common causes:

  • It can create issues and errors with the firmware
  • Also, it can also crash in the hardware
  • It can also cause the internet connection
  • Due to this, the database cannot be in systematic

How To Fix PS4 Controller Lagging?

PS4 Controller Lagging

If you want to fix the ps4 controller lag then you have to follow some steps which are given below:

Check controller charging

If the controller’s battery is low then the ps4 may be lagging a little. If it’s a battery issue and your ps4 controller is not charging so try to connect the controller with a USB cable. Now you have to check whether it is working or not but if it is, then the battery needs to be charged.

Check other wireless devices

If your controller has been kept to the other wireless devices then it may hinder the connection and it can also lead to a delay in the input which you can fix by removing the other devices connected nearby.

Check via wired connection

As we know due to the faulty wireless connection, the hack is used to connect your ps4 console to the USB cable and it will ensure a seamless connection. Then you will be switching back to the wireless connection once the connection is back.

Restart ps4 controller

If all the above steps do not work for you then you have to restart instead of only a reset.

Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting PS4
  • You need to press down on the restart button to restart the PS console
  • Then press down on the restart button at the back of the DualShock4 controller
  • Then you have to reconnect the controller with ps4 via USB cable
  • After that, turn on both your ps4 console and Dual Shock 4 controller and the latter will turn on by clicking on the PS button.
  • Then you will see that the device should be in sync now.

Free some space

If the storage is completely full then your system will be leading to delay and lagging in output.

  • You have to select settings-memory on the main screen
  • Then the screen displaying memory status will pop up
  • Then you have to selectively clear out unnecessary storage.
  • And now select options- delete.

Database revamps

The other cause of ps4 controller input lag issues with the ps4 console database and the solution is you have to perform a database rebuild and this will help in improving the overall functioning of the console, thereby decreasing the lagging and delays.

Check for the latest update

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If you are going over to the ps4 system software then you can update the software and it can be done by the following:

  • You have to first update the USB flash drive with ample free space and you can format it fully to make sure of this.
  • Then you have to create a folder called ps4 and another one will call to update.
  • After that, copy the latest update for the ps4 which means you just have to download it into the update folder.
  • Then turn off and unplug the console and insert a USB flash drive into the USB port.
  • You have to relaunch the console in the safe mode by holding the button for 10-20 seconds.
  • Then click on the system software update and you have to follow the instructions to complete your update.

Reset your controller

In this, you have to turn on the controller and you will see the reset button and then take the sharp object like a pin to press the reset button. When it will be done, connect the controller and console via USB cable and on the controller, you need to press the PS button, this will turn it on, and then you can sync your devices without any trouble.


From the above article, we can conclude that ps4 controller delays the issues which are not always due to the controller only, there might be various reasons for it. However, the step-wise tutorial on how to fix the lag on ps4 can help and solve your issue in no time.

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