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First, let us know the introduction of telnet. Telnet is developed in 1969. Telnet is a protocol and telnet provides us a command-line interface that is used for communication with a remote device or server. Sometimes telnet is also employed for management but also initial device setup like network hardware.

Telnet uses a username to connect with the server. Telnet enables a user to remotely managing an account or device. For example, if the telnet’s username is host, then a user would connect to a hostname called the host. Telnet is also defined as a client-server protocol based which is on character-oriented data exchange over TCP connections. Telnet uses text-based inputs and outputs to enable remote control of computers.

windows telnet server

The main reason to develop remote protocol is at that time they also used in the computers which are very expensive and of large size and it is not accessible for everyone. So to make it accessible to everyone and all the universities and companies, the remote protocol is started.

Now, let us see some of the commands which are used for telnet are:

  • Close
  • Display argument
  • Environ argument
  • Logout
  • Mode type
  • Quit
  • Send argument
  • Set argument
  • Open hostname
  • Unset

Telnet server is defined as it allows the users for command-line access to an embedded module over an IP network. It’s a protocol that works using the virtual terminal connection. Telnet is a protocol that is used on a network to provide a two-way interactive command-line interface. Using TCP, user data and Telnet control information also transferred on data.

4 Steps To Enable Windows Telnet Server Documentation:

  • Control Interface is the step that is used to start or stop the telnet server and to manage built-in user accounts.
  • Access and Multi-user interface shows how to filter the hosts and how to add additional user accounts and many more.
  • User callbacks send the notification to the user application about the events in the Telnet server.
  • Configuration tells about the configuration options of the Telnet. 

Enable Windows Telnet Server:

So, now is the time to show you how to enable the windows telnet server. When you install windows 10 by default there will be no telnet enable on it. You have to launch Telnet via command prompt on newly installed windows 10 in your Pc or computer. 

Telnet uses TCP or IP protocol for accessing remote computers. To access someone’s else computer, one should need Telnet. Telnet has two types of services like Telnet Client and Telnet Server. Telnet Client allows connecting remotely whereas Telnet Server runs the application on that server.

There are two ways to install Telnet on Windows 10


To install or enable the windows Telnet server via the control panel, follow the below steps.

Step-1: login to your Windows 10 device.

Step-2: Now open the control panel and then programs and select programs and features.

Step-3: Click the turn windows features on or off on your computer.

Step-4: From the available list, also enable the Telnet Client option.

Step-5: Now, click ok


Step-1: click start on your device and under search type in CMD.

Step-2: Right-click on CMD and click on Run as administrator.

Step-3: If it prompts enter the administrator password.

Step-4: Then type one of the options like online or enable feature or feature name and then hit enter to enable the Telnet Client.


So after a long write-up, we can also conclude that Telnet is a protocol and if you are waiting to enable windows telnet server then follow the above steps and get clarified.

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