This issue has been frequently reported recently after that installing the latest Windows update. A warning message that shows intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll. This message especially appears on windows 10 whenever someone opens the Windows explorer to access any file. This Intel OptaneTM Memory pinning error often shows an error code of 0x8007007E.

Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll

Some fixes have been released by Dell. And Intel to fix this intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll. But still, some users are not able to find the solution. So, in this blog, we will discuss how to get Intel Optane Memory Pinning back to work. And load DLL file in Windows Explorer as well as what causes this error to happen. How can everyone avoid this?

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Why does this Intel Optane ™ Memory Pinning Error Come up?

The Intel Optane ™ is used by different processors. They allow you to quickly access files or other data on your PC. And when this error: Intel Optane Memory Pinning unable to load DLL ‘iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll’. The specified module could not be found appears. It means that the Intel Optane ™ Memory Explorer Extension runs to errors.

For example, if the drivers required by the Optane ™ Explorer extension are missing or corrupted. This intel Optane ™ Explorer extension error will likely pop up. When you open Windows Explorer to access Data on a PC.

How to fix Intel Optane ™ Memory Pinning Unable to Load Dll Error?

As we talked earlier the drivers and the extension are the culprits. Of the error of unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll. Now to solve this issue of iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll. These are the methods that you can try on your computer to resolve this issue.

First Solution: Uninstall and Update Windows 10 drivers

It is mandatory to have some drivers use the Intel Optane Pinning Explorer extensions. That is why the error mainly occurs when you update your windows to the latest version of Windows 10. Now if there are problems with the drivers the Intel optane memory pinning error unable to load dll happens.

So, now it is important for you to get rid of the faulty drivers on Windows 10. Then update the existing drivers to help solve the error of  iastorafsserviceapi.dll. Just follow the simple steps to fix the problem:

  • Open device manager.
  • Then search for the Erroneous device driver to Uninstall it.

Since you will encounter Intel Optane Pining Explorer unable to load dll issue, now you can try to uninstall. Update the Intel-related drivers, such as Intel Pinining Shell Extensions.

  • Now restart your PC if required.

After restarting your device you can turn on your automatic driver tool Driver Booster. To quickly download and install the driver quickly and automatically. After everything is done and installed you can check. Whether the Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll warning message would show up. When the drivers are installed.

  •  Download, and install and run Driver Booster on Windows 10.
  • Now just hit the scan button to get Driver Booster. To search for missing, corrupted and even damaged drivers on your device.
Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll
  • Now just click on the Update beside the drivers that are found to be Outdated or Problematic. You can also click Update all if you want it all to be done in one go.

Second Solution: Repair or Uninstall Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions

If you have updated the driver and it’s of no use. Then you have to perhaps fix or even uninstall the Optane pinning explorer extensions from Windows 10. In such a case, you may need to install the extensions if needed. You should follow the steps given below to try this solution:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Then find out Programs> Uninstall a Program. You can access these items easily via View by category.
  • Now go into the programs and locate the  Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions. And then right-click to repair or Uninstall the Extension.
  • After clicking on repair or uninstalling just wait for the process to finish and then reboot your PC to take effect.


No, we have found you a solution of Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll. There are two methods by which you can fix this problem both of these problems are properly explained. Hope you find this information useful. Thank you for the read.

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