Today, through this post we are gonna understand and have in-depth knowledge of what is com qualcomm embms? In reality, “Qualcomm” is often a semiconductor and software producer which mainly designs processors for smartphones. “EMBMS” stands for Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services. And, “com” stands for the format used for reading the syntax and not meant for users. Thus, we will be diving deep into the ocean of information on com qualcomm embms.

As, we know there are many system files or in-built files in our smartphones. Likewise, com.qualcomm.embms is a system file in our devices, which is liable for Networking activities. But, indeed this app is generally and only available or needed in smartphones that have a Qualcomm processor.


Qualcomm is an America multinational corporation which designs semi-conductor chips for smartphones. It also makes softwares and wireless technology services. It was established and set-up in 1985 by Irwin M. Jacobs and 6 other co-founders. During early research, they got into CDMA (“Code Division Multiple Access”) wireless technology. CDMA is one of the foremost popular SIM technologies.

Once, there was disagreement on what universal technology to adopt for the world. But after much debate in several companies, everyone agrees on settling with Qualcomm CDMA technology. Later, the pricing was negotiated on different terms for the patents of the technology.

Semi-conductor Chips

The latest semiconductor chips are of 5G with separate communication chips and bigger antennas. A number of 5G phones are Samsung S20 Plus, Samsung S20, One Plus 8 Pro, Samsung Note 20 Ultra, etc. Qualcomm has been performing on 5G technology in several areas, like radio technology, modem chips, and more. With the 5G chips in radios, it can use different bandwidths on a network. This will improve the standard along side higher network traffic. There are several applications of the 5G modules on the radio. Even the militaries around the globe are willing to buy such technology. The primary 5G module was introduced in October 2016, with the primary public demonstration in October 2017.

What is EMBMS?

EMBMS stands for “Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services” and was first introduced within the year 2014. Qualcomm held a demo for LTE broadband, which is EMBMS – Evolved Multimedia Broadcast / Multicast Service. This technology allows multicast delivery of live streaming video along side data. There are several different applications, like real-time game processing of the sport on a server.

Google Stadia is an example, and the only thing holding it back is low data transfer speeds across the network. This suggests that the longer term holds tons of exciting 5G implementations. The planet record for the very best data transfer is 44.2 Terabytes per second. Which suggests you’ll download the whole Netflix database only in a matter of a second.

The matter with the server or the present infrastructure is very trivial but important. It is that they’re not being upgraded on time, which has led to bottlenecks. An example are going to be of YouTube, thanks to high traffic loads on its servers; Google limited the utmost quality of the video to 480p when using the cellular data.

The 1000x Data Challenge

The 1000x data challenge may be a phenomenon that Qualcomm is trying to combat before it becomes a serious problem. This is often a scenario wherein there are numerous devices. That require 1000 times the quantity of bandwidth that may be supplied at a given point of time. 

Consistent with a recent study from Cisco in June 2017. The forecast amount of knowledge for video across the web by the year 2021 may be a staggeringly high 82%. This is often an enormous amount of bandwidth. To point out  proportion  of video we watch. Cisco claims that every  month  we tend to consume quite  5 million years of video.

Thankfully, with Multicast and eMBMS technology, this challenge often faces appropriately. Instead of continuously ramping up server power and costs, we will enjoy a more efficient. Future solutions within the sort of eMBMS, or LTE broadcast, technology, especially now that it is include in AOSP source.  This suggests theoretically, that any Android device on subsequent release should support eMBMS. Like, any Snapdragon device since the 800 series supports it.

Currently, this technology is used by Verizon in America, Kt and Reliance in Asia and EE and Vodafone in Europe. We hope to ascertain more network providers. Providers, supplying this technology, like  modern-day  connections. Thus, it can sometimes be vital to access an un-congested  and dealing internet connection anywhere you’re .

What is com qualcomm embms exactly

The com.qualcomm.embms is an in-built application that handles the network, and chip interaction is additionally responsible for your network management. This app wasn’t officially released, otherwise you are not able to download it separately. It unrolled along side your system update and aided within the working of the semiconductor chip. The first company to undertake to to so was AT&T, with system updates and unrolled the app last year. It’s slowly building the support for the new infrastructure in conjunction with testing the support for such technology. They aim to observe user experience and see if it causes any crashing or bug within most modules. It is safe to say that 5G technology will make our lives easier and faster. Who knows if it changes the way we see the earth.

Error message : “com qualcomm embms has stopped”

A new widespread vulnerability that affects many Android devices round the world is com.qualcomm.embms. It could allow hackers to read your SMS text messages, phone records, and perform any capabilities the radio allows.

What’s even worse is that the incontrovertible fact that victims will not have any idea if they are exploit. Also, most of the affected devices won’t be patched.

A hacker could exploit you with this vulnerability by having physical access to your device. Or, by adding code to a malicious application that you simply install. The hacker  may wish to steal your device, and it might get unlocked. The latter is more likely, since many devices might be targeted remotely.

com qualcomm embms

Unfortunately, a malicious application could interact with the API without your knowledge. You wouldn’t get any alerts and your device won’t run any slower. To make matters worse, Google Play won’t flag these apps as malicious. Since, it might be impossible for Google’s security scanner to detect. Since, detecting these apps would be accessing the API for malicious reasons.

How to keep your device safe

The first thing you would like to try to  is locate out what version of Android your device is running. Head into Settings and tap on About Phone. Look under Android Version, and note the amount . If it’s 5.1.x or below, you’re affected if your phone features a Qualcomm processor.

You can easily determine if you’ve got a Qualcomm processor by installing from Google Play. Open the app, and it’ll tell you the make and model of your processor within a couple of seconds.

com qualcomm embms

If your phone is infective, there isn’t much you’ll do to completely protect yourself if you still use your device. The simplest method would be to shop for a more modern phone. One which is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, since it won’t be suffering from this vulnerability.

We understand that purchasing a replacement phone won’t be feasible at this point. So, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce your chances of getting hacked. But understand there’s no final step to fully defend yourself aside from buying a more modern device.

  • Never download third-party apps and side-load them. concentrate to the apps you download from Google Play.
  • If you persist with popular apps that have high ratings, you’ll lessen your chances of getting exploit by hackers.
  • Download an antivirus app from Google Play like Quick Heal antivirus.

Devices which will be Affected

Devices dating back to Android Gingerbread are facing the same problem, but newer versions of Android aren’t. If your device is running Gingerbread or freeze dessert  Sandwich. Or for that matter even,  jelly egg , KitKat, or Lollipop, you’re likely facing the same issues. Demanding if your phone features a  Qualcomm processor.

According to the foremost recent Android distribution numbers, 92.4 percent of all devices have these versions of Android. However, not all of those devices have a Qualcomm processor. It’s unknown what percentage of them do. But, it is a secure bet. As a minimum of a half them sport a Qualcomm chip, since it is a popular processor. That means around 50 percent of Android devices are facing the same problem.

SUMMARY —> com qualcomm embms

In this post, we have come to realize what is com qualcomm embms. I have discussed here the various nitty-gritties of this system file. We see that this file is not harmful. Thus, I have also gone through the whole journey of this file and also the history of the Qualcomm corporation.

Thus, this post is for all those who have face troubles with this system file. If, you have any queries and/or doubts or you face any problem while going through this. Then, feel free to come in touch with me. You can also post the things in comments.

Till then go through the other posts of mine here. Until then good-bye !!

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