When you scroll through Instagram, it’s baffling to see many people make huge chunks of money with their followers. Most of the time you may have spent time peeking at your follower counts hoping to make some money out of your Instagram account. Trust me it’s not that difficult to make money with Instagram. Now, you may ask, how many followers you need to make money?

But, before I answer your question, let’s understand how people are making money out of Instagram.

How people make money on Instagram

People having good follower counts will use their influence to promote the products or the services of the sponsor. But, the first things the sponsors or the brands will consider before they consider you are the follower counts and your influence on your follower community.

Even though there is no fixed count to consider as an influencer, the previous results have shown that people having at least 10K followers can badge them as influencers.

Is follower count is enough for you to monetize your account? The answer is NO. There are factors such as post quality, niche, engagement rate, and posting pattern that will make sense in your monetization journey.

There are multiple ways that you can make money. You can act as an affiliate, You can promote other accounts and services, giving shout outs and more. But one of the hottest ways that people make money is through sponsored posts.

Yes, you heard it right!

When I look at some people, the accounts which have 50K-60K followers are charging $20-$30 per post. Some established and the most popular influencers who are having more than 100k followers are charging near to $1000 per post. One of the top most Influencer, an American Singer, Demi Lovato who has 93 Million followers, almost charges $300,000 per post for sponsor posts. It’s Whooping money, right?


Another popular start, Kim Kardashian West, with her influence will make $500,000 per post. That is the level of influence they have on their community. You can see their post quality and the engagement rate as well.

make money on Instagram

make money on Instagram | How many followers you need?

It Depends on the Cause!

When the brands look for product influencers, they will take follower counts, your niche, and how well your followers are reacting to your posts and content. Because the penultimate goal of brands is to make some purchases to happen. So –

  • Your post quality should be the best.
  • Your engagement rate should be healthy.
  • Niche should attract more users / brands.
  • Finally, followers should be more.

Businesses are always proving through their deals that “Engagement is priceless”

The niche is another most weighted factor in your monetizing journey. According to the data, 7 out of 10 people rely on social media platforms to make purchasing decisions. You know this or not, but people are actively looking for informed recommendations from the top accounts or the influencers for their purchasing matters.

You can see Huda Katan and Kayla, beauty and fitness influencers who has 2 and 7 million followers respectively is influencing tons of followers to buy the products of their sponsors.

Micro influencers

Micro-influencers are the people who have follower counts between 1k to 100,00. These are the professions having quite good and active followers to announce them as micro-influencers. Their reach is limited to some state or the province.

If you don’t have a huge following, never hold you back! You can be the next popular micro-influencer in your region earning awesome money.

Wrapping Up

Today Instagram is one of the great platforms for influencers like you to make decent money with minimal effort. Even though the follower count is not the sole parameter to decide your influence, you should focus on post quality, your niche, and the value as well.

I hope I answered your brainstorming question, how many followers you need to make money on Instagram?

It’s now or never!!! I can see a great influencer in you, Go ahead!!!

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