Is it possible to use my phone as a laptop drawing pad?

Have you ever felt like using your phone to doodle or controlling your PC with your mobile phone? Well, if you have and also don’t want to spend thousands of Rupees to purchase costly tablets, we will help you use your phone as drawing pad. You can do this free of cost and even free of any tiresome process. All you need to do is to download a software in your PC and in your phone.

So let’s begin our demonstration: –

1:Open your chrome and search “Chrome Remote Desktop

2: Click on “Remote Access” button since you want to access your PC remotely.

    3:After you click “Remote Access”, click on the “Accept and install” feature to download the software in your PC.

      4: After downloading the software, you will get an MSI installer which you need to install.

    5:Then click on “TURN ON” in the “Remote Access” page, which you will find under “This device” section.

6:Set up a name for your Desktop. 
7:PIN which would be used for logging in the device. 
8:In the end click on the “Start” button.


The first part is over, now we will move on to the process for your Android phone from which you wish to log in.

              1)      Download the same app in your phone. You just need to check that you log in                                 using the same Google Accountin both your phone and PC.

2)      The PC name which you entered earlier will show in your phone. To connect just click on the phone name and enter the PIN.
Now your device is connected. You can use different settings according to your needs.We Hope that this was helpful to you.

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