Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe, these are the words of the Great Abraham Lincoln on the importance of tools.

Being a programmer in todays world is not easy as it seems because the client not only wants the work to be ready as soon as possible but there is no bargaining with the quality of software also. While the competition is so cut throat that everybody wants some or other tools which can help them to do the job. Besides, it is not much advisable to learn a new language all together to make your software better. So, we bring you with some of the tools that might be useful and help in your arena.     

    Tool – Git:




Git is basically a version control system that is used for tracking changes made in files. It can be best utilized when there are multiple people involved in a project and everybody needs to be on the same page regarding progress of the work. Let me explain this software with an easy illustration. I will explain this by using three kinds of people from three different generations-

Firstly, the grandfather kind: They dont believe in keeping and maintaining versions that grow old. Only new changes are made and the older ones are deleted.  

Secondly, the father kind: This kind find hardware like USB more dependable than using software. Either they dont have confidence in them or dont know how to use it. 

Lastly, the son kind: This is the kind who use software like Git. It is because of all the convenience that it provides. Some of these are mentioned below.    

The changes from multiple sources can be merged into a single source. It allows different people to work on various parts of same project and later merge those changes without fear of losing the work. This will act as backup as well as helps you analyze the changes.

Tool -GitHub:


It is a Git repository hosting service which provides a web based graphical interface. Microsoft Corporation has recently acquired GitHub after which its popularity has increased. Websites like this act like social networking sites for developers and programmers where they brandish their projects and expertise.

Some of its advantages include that any member of the project can work on it from anywhere. It provides access control and various other features which makes collaboration easy such as bug tracking, task management and wikis. You can use its basic services even free of charge.

Stack overflow –

Have you ever been trapped in an error or any problem that used your time and left you with just irritation and no solution? If your answer is yes then you are not alone, a lot of people like you find it difficult to find answers online. This can be solved by stack overflow. It is an online platform that engineers and developers use to post any question and anyone can answer them. 

SoloLearn –


SoloLearn is like a private tutor. It is a platform where you can learn different languages like python, C++, JS script and many more. After short and informative lectures, it also provides quizzes that are related to the lesson for better understanding. You have to just download the app and log in and it will keep track of your progress. It also had code coaches and discuss section. This tool is basically like social app but for coders or who wishes to become one.

Visual studio –


It is a free source code editor for windows, Linux and mac developed by Microsoft. This is a project based Integrated Development Environment which comprises of tools to plan, develop and assemble software applications. Visual studio is also used to develop web apps, web services, mobile apps etc. It assists in 36 different programming languages and any such language can be supported by the code editor. The most basic edition of Visual studio is the Community Edition which is accessible without any charge.

  Coffee –


It will surely find its way in every bloggers list and table of every developer. The tiredness of coding sometimes just wants a cup of coffee and some quiet. So just grab your cup of coffee and start your coding journey. It not only increases your concentration but also helps you to pass your time when stuck between codes or conversations.



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