CPTR is an acronym for ‘Counter Pointer’. In this blog, we are going to answer all your questions regarding this topic and other related ones. Firstly, you should know that it is a C library that supervises memory pointers. Secondly, CPTR comes up with a layout that is uniform in nature in relation to the task of memory control. So, you can safely produce these algorithms in a well-organized manner.

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What are CPTR, CPML, and XSAT?

  • Firstly, CPTR as already explained before, is a sort of pointer that people utilize in the programming language of C.
  • Secondly, CPML refers to an AI that people utilize in case of refining the natural language.
  • Thirdly, XSAT is a satellite meant for exploratory communications. In the case of Indigo, ISRO utilizes it.


1. Mention some of the special services in Indigo.

Indigo provides many special services and we are going to mention some of those. For instance, airport transportation, Guest relations management, room service, WIFI, TV, etc. Furthermore, if you are staying in a resort then it will provide spa and restaurant services. However, Indigo will not arrange any free food services.

2. What is VGML?

VGML is an acronym for Verilog-A. VGML is the standard you set for explaining automated circuits.

3. What does 6E refer to In Indigo?

The establishment of IndiGo Airlines took place in 2006 and it became popular as a cost-efficient carrier. It selected 6E in reference to the Six Elements. Here, it means 6 Economy seats on the flight. This name was selected by the Airlines in view of a Sanskrit word meaning “the air that sustains life”.

4. Is the option of adding an infant available after booking IndiGo?

Yes, IndiGo Airlines provides this option of adding an infant. This is because that infant is going to travel with the person that booked the ticket who is an adult.

5. Can you take food on the flight?

You have the option to bring eatables on your flight. But it is suggested by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to not do so while going through the checkpoint at the airport. In this way, the chances of possible contamination are prevented. So, if you want to bring any kind of eatables on a flight, please ensure that it is contained and packaged. It is also commendable if you check it with the airport staff beforehand.


We hope that our blog on CPTR was helpful to you in understanding the term and its features. In addition to that, we have given answers to all of your frequent queries. Thank you for reading our blog!

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