Do you own an Apple Watch? If yes, I welcome you to the category of Apple Watchers 🙂 The exercise ring of the Apple Watch is a very fascinating and exciting feature, my guiding light behind the Apple Watch purchase. But, nevertheless, it may so happen sometimes, that it may not work properly. It is a means to trace your activeness and if it is not working properly, you are at a loss. So, what do we do then? Let’s not worry and just continue going through this post. This post is all about the same problem of Apple Watch Exercise Ring Not Working 2021.


The moment this Apple Watch Exercise Ring came into being, it was an instant hit because of its craze. Many people claim that they exercise merely to see the stats on the exercise ring. So, it’s a wonderful gadget, the Exercise Ring.

Here, we will discuss why various problems surface. We need to know that the Exercise Ring, not working problem can have various causes. It may be that the Settings may have been interfered with, or, there might be an issue with the hardware. Even further, there can be software issues too. So, basically, there can be various causes for this problem. But you need not worry. You are the right place to get a Fix for this problem of yours. And worry not you are not alone facing this issue.

Fixing Apple Watch Exercise Ring Not Working 2021

There are numerous fixes to this problem. So, let us look at each solution one by one :

Health Profile Edit

You can check and edit your Health profile with update relevant details like age, gender, height, weight, activities, and other similar details. These details basically go on to play a very important role in furthering the accuracy of the watch.

Now, let’s see how we do it :

  • Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Then, tap on My Watch and click on “Your Health”.
  • Go to Health Profile and tap “Edit.”
  • Review all relevant information published.
  • Save the changes you just updated.

Now, that the details are up-to-date, your activities are ready to get calculated accurately.

Apple Watch Exercise Ring Not Working 2021

Physical State Check

Another cause may be the physical state of your watch. Like the way, you are wearing the watch not being in conformity to the set standards. Or, maybe sweat on your forearms, etc.

Some of the checklists for this check are :

  • Make sure you set the watch on your ring. Don’t strap it on too tightly; just snug it on
  • Before turning it on, clean and dry your wrist and forearm.
  • The watch should be tightly places to monitor the activity accurately.
  • Once you’re through with your exercise, you’ll loosen the watch again on your wrist.
  • You may also wear a resin band near your watch, to prevent wear and tear during exercising.

Perform a quick Settings Check

Sometimes, due to inadvertently changing our watch settings may interfere with the Exercise ring not working properly and creating chaos. Thus, we need to perform a quick Settings check whenever there is an issue with the ring.

  • Make sure your Apple Watch is correctly paired to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • Confirm for proper internet source too.
  • Now, go to Settings of your iPhone > Privacy > Location Services > Enable it.
  • Then, proceed to System Services > Motion Calibration and Distance > Enable it too.
  • Now, attend your wach Settings through “My Watch Settings”
  • Go to Privacy > Activate the Heart Rate monitoring feature.
  • Return to My Watch, then tap on the Passcode.
  • Thereafter, enable Wrist Detection.
  • Once done, head to Workout in your My Watch app.
  • Save the settings to confirm that these are proper and accurate.
  • Hurray !! You are done.

Check for Accuracy of the Apple Watch

This is also a very good and crucial fix that you should perform from time to time. You should thus, always take care to Recalibrate your Apple Watch. This solution always comes in handy.

  • Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to Privacy Settings
  • Look for Reset Fitness Calibration Data
  • Force Restart both your Watch and your iPhone.
  • See, that there is a proper network and then subsequently, open Workout app and tap on outside Walk or Outdoor Run.
  • Walk for 10-20 minutes at normal speed to see that the tracking has resumed properly and accurately.
Apple Watch Exercise Ring Not Working 2021

Update your WatchOS

You should take proper care and attention to see that you are always on the latest version of your Apple WatchOS. This helps because, newer security patches, bug solutions, and always various new features are found on the latest WatchOS version. Thus, keeping you up-to-date and your device always on the go.

So, how do we do it :

  • Connect your iPhone to a proper internet connection or possibly any Wifi.
  • Pair your Apple Watch and the iPhone.
  • Now, open your iPhone and tap on the Apple Watch application.
  • Go to My Watch > General > Software Updates
  • Tap on Download, if there’s any update.
  • Once you device is up-to-date the Exercise Ring problem will most probably disappear.
Apple Watch Exercise Ring Not Working 2021

Reset your Apple Watch

This option of Resetting your Apple Watch is one of the ultimate steps to get rid of practically every problem that may surface. It may be that there might be software glitches, which generally interfere with the Apple Watch Exercise Ring not working properly and accurately. Therefore, resetting your Watch and again pairing it back to your iPhone will definitely solve any issues.

  • Visit the Settings application  of your Apple Watch.
  • Then, procced to General > Reset.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”.
  • Enter your passcode.
  • Hurray !! after some moments your work is done.

Try contacting Apple Support

If no solution works, that means there is a serious problem out there. So, in that case, the wisest idea is to contact the Apple Support team. You can possibly visit an Apple Store, write emails to them, or may even have telephone contact to get your issues resolved. If your devices are in warranty, your service is on them otherwise, there might be a slight charge obviously for their services.

Apple Watch Exercise Ring Not Working 2021


We have covered a multitude of steps to fix the Apple Watch Exercise Ring not working 2021. Before that, we also got an overview of the Apple Watch and the Exercise Ring. We see that there may be various trivial inaccuracies and inadvertent changes made by us which may create problems. But, nevertheless, following the various methods mentioned above all your issues will vanish into thin air.

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