The PSP(PlayStation Portable) is the gaming industrial revolution. PlayStation games have become popular across the globe. People have gone mad after the entry of PlayStation. It was like a dream gaming experience. But one cannot easily afford the PlayStation. It costs you quite more. But thanks to technology which enabled us to use many PSP Android emulators on our phone. Note that it’s FREE!. Well, in this article we have provided the gathered choices for the best PSP games for android to play in 2021. 

1. God Of War

god of war

God of War – It can be called as God of Games as well. This game took the gaming world by surprise through its amazing graphics and screenplay. It includes many series and among them “God Of Sparta” is the most played and downloaded version to date.

You can enjoy the tremendous game play, war strategies which are filled with adventures. You are the “Kartos” now, the hero. Be ready to meet different people, Gods, and other creatures. 

2. Grand Theft Auto

vice city

If you are a 90’s kid, then there is no better game then-Vice city. With its amazing story play, it has won a million hearts. The simulating missions are the most attractive parts of this game and it is really hard to find a person who didn’t hear about this game.

This game revolves around a city names “Vice City”. You have to play the role of a hero. Get ready to pass missions to progress in the game. You can enjoy racing, shooting, tactics and many things.

3. Dragon Ball Z

psp game for android

Dragon Ball Z will give you a completely different gaming experience. It is one of the best fighting games developed for PSP users. It is a popular game developed for combat lovers.

You have to fight against the computer programmed warriors. You have to demonstrate your fighting skills to stand out. Common warriors, unleash your special ninja skills and techniques.

4. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

psp game for android

Whoo! WWE is one of the best battle royale games in the world. We all loved watching WWE in the ’90s. WWE is still having a huge craze in kids. Watching our favorite stars fighting in a ring is an amazing feeling.

John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, Undertaker are some of the most prominent names in the WWE. You can play the role of any WWE superstar in this game and just enjoy it!!!

5. Spider-Man 2

psp game for android

Another popular story-based action-adventure game is Spider-Man 2. you want to be conversant in the movie and also the sport also, like this they need a special fan base already. However, Sony has launched the gaming adaptation of Spider-Man, and it’s become one of the foremost played PSP games for Android users.

you’ll enjoy all the skills of Spider-Man and help people by saving them from monsters. All the villains from the movie will appear to fight against you, and you’ve got to defeat them by your skill.

These are the best psp games for android to start your 2021 journey. Go mate! Play now!

Wrapping Up

In the world of Play stations, the PSP emulators games became more popular. You can enjoy all these games on your android phone. Let’s start your gaming journey in 2021 with this power puffed games and have FUN!!! More FUN!!!.

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