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We live in an age where technology and digitization are taking over the conventional means faster than ever and online education is one such arena which is most affected by this wave. Who wouldn’t want to learn in an environment which has broken the limits of class-room teaching? It provides you content from all around the world and best educators on education site at your convenient time and conditions. As the debate of ‘new normal’ is getting hotter day by day, it is hard not to accept the next era as the generation of online learning and education sites.

We owe it to ourselves to give us the best facilities and opportunities that are not restricted by the limits of boundary or time. This will be helpful not only to beginners but also to anyone who want to utilize this time to add another degree or certificate in their kitty which you must have been planning for long but lack of time didn’t let you fulfill it. So, to save you from tiresome work of scrolling long pages on internet to find the best match for your interest and give an early start in your journey. We bring you the top 5 education sites which will best serve your needs:  

  Firstly, Coursera :

Coursera was established in 2012 and since then has developed vastly as it provides a great range of online courses, specializations and degrees. It provides you the opportunity to be among its 60+ million happily served students list. The courses are available in many languages (as many as 14). You can choose your desired option from its 3500+ courses available. This site has a collaboration with over 200 leading universities and companies which surely will give you the extra edge that you need in your career.

Courses provided are: –

·       AI

·       Neural Network

·       MATLAB

·       Python

·       Google Cloud


Secondly, Khan Academy:


Khan Academy was founded in 2008 by Salman Khan who is an educator to educate students online. It is an American non-profit educational establishment. The website is basically in English language but other languages are also at one’s fingertips. Since it is non-profit, all contents on the website are free for all. It provides training mostly in the form of videos which are put on YouTube.

This site is helpful not only to students but also to teachers and educators. It focuses on building a solid platform for students in subjects varying from Math, Science, History, Art, Economics to many more. The importance of basic knowledge on the background of subjects in the initial years is of utmost necessity. This learning will give you the wings that enable you to take a long flight when the time comes. Khan academy provides you with periodic review of students by multiple tests and detailed students profile where you can see your growth.


Thirdly, Udacity: 

Udacity was founded in 2011, as an expansion of cost-free computer science classes provided through Stanford University. It includes both free and paid for courses. In the beginning, it only provided university-style course but now it has added more vocational courses.

Here the focus is not only on making you learn but also express your knowledge by real life projects and providing you with Job oriented content. The mentors are 24/7 available to solve your queries which gives you a smooth sail. You can choose from multiple course range which are as follows: –

·       AI

·       Programming

·       Cloud Computing

·       Business

·       Autonomous system


Fourthly, Udemy :


Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms for freelancers and professional adults. It is unlike other educational sites because it utilizes the contents made by top professionals and freelancers and does not go along with the traditional syllabus. This also offers many courses which are chargeless with certification which is one of the advantages of the website. The website is appropriate for instructors as well because they can boost their creation and earn well through it.

It will help you in connecting to your desired skill in over 65 languages. Udemy has a whooping reach to over 300 million students and 50 thousand instructors which surely will make you level apart from rest of the world. You can get a lifetime access to online video courses from top instructors in minimum fees on this site.


Lastly, edX:


edX is created by Harvard and MIT as a non-profit organization. It supports interactive learning process as the courses consist of videos infused with cooperative learning exercises which the students can perform to grasp a concept practically.

This is your one stop solution for various courses such as Data science, Business management, Engineering and even humanities. The site hosts multiple online courses in many languages. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among 18 million students who are using their services to fulfill their dream.

It has over 2500 courses and apart from the basic courses, some of them are:

·       MicroMasters Program

·       Professional certificates for strengthening desired skills

·       Xseries for profound mastery of topics

·       Top ranked online Master’s Degrees






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