Hard Skills to equip yourself with !!

There is no doubt that the coming era will be controlled by soft skills but the importance of hard skills cannot and should not be ignored. Hard skills provide you the right ingredient on which the catalyst of soft skills will work and take you in an elite league. In a homogeneous group, having one or more hard skills will surely provide you the upper hand over others which might fetch your promotions, appraisals etc. sooner than expected.

For those who do not know what hard skills are, it is basically the set of skills that you acquire after doing some training or course.  Although hard skills are company dependent, but here is a list of 10 hard skills that you can acquire which will be needed in most of the companies:

Ø  Blockchain: 

Blockchain is a type of data structure which is impregnable. This is build on the basis of cryptography and is dispersed across a network. It helps in transmission of any digital asset or data and backs cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The technology acts as a public ledger system because it documents and uphold every single transaction made, which makes it dependable.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, then blockchain is your perfect solution. It is rated highly among companies and will not disappoint if you own a decent level of knowledge in it. There are multiple courses available online which can help you to get familiar and even master the subject. 

Ø Analytical reasoning: 

Analytical reasoning is the capability to observe qualitative or quantitative data and anticipate the pattern based on the information. Some of the examples of analytical reasoning include Problem solving, Communication, Critical thinking, Research and Information Analysis etc. To enhance this skill, you have to observe your surrounding to learn and master your problem solving as well as decision making skills.

Data is the new oil. It has now become the backbone of every online organization. There are a lot of organizations which are searching for people with analytical reasoning skills to provide them with best decisions.

Ø  Business analysis: 



Business analysis involves recognizing business requirements then finding solutions to the problems perceived. Its process includes strategic planning, policy development, organizational change and improvement. The person performing this piece of work is called a Business Analyst or BA. Business analysis term should not be confused with Business Analytics as it is a different process.

This is an arena that every professional is expected to have by default, as you will be using it on some level or another. So, buckle up and use online platforms to sharpen your skills in business analysis and this will surely become an asset for you. Some of the jobs based on business analysis skills are listed below:

·       Identifying new business opportunities

·       Managing feasibility studies

·       Document analysis

Ø  Video making: 

Ø  Video contents are produced in this procedure just as filmmaking but on a smaller and digital level. To produce quality video contents, you need to do the following:

·       Thorough research on the topic

·       Editing the video accordingly

·       Presence on social media

·       Digitally acquainted

This has taken online advertisement to a whole new level as it is an easy way to deliver message in efficient manner and short time. The art of making a to-the-point video is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you think you have the appetite of video productions and making you are more than welcome in this online world.

Ø  Cyber security: 


Cyber security is an umbrella term which covers the practice of safeguarding computers, mobile phone, servers, networks and data from hostile attacks. One of the ill-effects of rise in online content is the concern of data security. Cyber attacks such as Malware, Phishing, Denial-of-service attack etc. can be prevented if you learn the skill of cyber security. It will satisfy the need of protecting data from unauthorized accesses. Although it is difficult to master this because it covers multiple areas, you should definitely try to have this weapon in your armory.

Ø  Cloud computing: 

Cloud computing involves conveying of a service over a network by utilizing any hardware and software. An easy example for you is Gmail of Google. It is cost efficient for companies as it uses remote resources as well as it provides high speed. Also it gives unlimited backing capacity and therefore is reliable for people.

This is one of the highly-rated skills as now most of the organizations have their entire business based on cloud computing. Also, with the rise in online data its scope will rise exponentially in future. So, don’t miss the bus that has a sure shot destination to success.

Ø  Artificial intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence which is exhibited by machines as they are programmed to think like humans and imitate their actions. This helps in learning, planning, problem-solving, speech recognition etc.

AI can be a powerful tool that can transform the entire online atmosphere that we know now. Its different branches like machine learning and language processing can surely reduce the efforts put in by the organizations. Although many of the professionals have already acquired this skill but that does not make it any less desirable. 

Ø  Mobile App development: 


Mobile App development is the procedure of designing software application which runs on our mobile devices. It is a difficult skill to learn as you need to assimilate all of it before you can make an app which is the most basic one, but it is one in demand.

This is the next big thing as the expected mobile devices by 2025 may cross 6 billion. Therefore, people with good knowledge of programming languages are in demand to develop apps that apply to fast changing requisites of users.

Ø  Data science: 

Data science is basically the analysis of data to extract knowledge from any type of data i.e. structured or unstructured. It is a high-ranking skill and career in this day and age.

There is a huge difference in the demand and supply of people with this skill. Perhaps this is why it is one of the most and demanded skill in this decade. It attracts not only professionals from technical background but also various other arenas. So, if you still do not have the knowledge on this subject then waiting further cannot be accepted as a great idea.

Ø  Digital marketing: 

Nowadays, the traditional marketing trend is drastically reducing as each and every thing is available on the internet. Consumers can be contacted easily through internet therefore, people with digital marketing skills are in huge demand. Any organization will love to have an employee who can understand the need of consumers and help them to present their items in an engaging manner. 

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