Want to write your Date of Birth in figures and words? Then, this article on how do you write Date of Birth in figures and words is meant just for you. It’s a match made in heaven. So, without wasting any further moment, join me in this excitingly adventurous journey. With that, let’s start right away!

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How do you write Date of Birth in figures and words?

Do you also fill online/offline forms for any purpose and there you require to your date of birth in words? Sometimes, it may be that you do not know how to do so. Or, may be someone else does not know, how to write his/her date of birth in words thus. In such a case, you can thus share this post, as this is the right place to learn how to write the date of birth in words.

Basically, we often need to fill the form for various purposes, such as applying for services or for a job or for admission in school or college or somewhere. So, to get these services or whatever, you need to fill the form in which it is mandatory to fill the DOB (date of birth).

How do you write Date of Birth in figures and words?

In most of the forms you have to fill the date of birth both in numbers and in words.
For this reason, many of them are confused about how to write the date of birth in words. Therefore, if you also have the same problem that you are confused in showing DOB in words, then read it further.

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Date of Birth in words?

It is very easy to write any birth date in words, you just need to understand the format of representation or writing. In numeric or numbers, the date of birth is written in DD /MM/YYYY in India and also written in the same way in shape. So, the same arrangement is in the words for the date of birth also. Just that you need to follow some rules or format for representing the date of birth in word, as given below:

  • The date is in the ordinal number in words. (e.g. second)
  • Also, the month name is written after the date. (e.g. March)
  • After the date and the month, the year is written in words (e.g. Two thousand six).
How do you write Date of Birth in figures and words?

Now, that you know the rules, let’s get down to seeing some examples, to further simplify the task.

  • Say, for example your date of birth is 05/05/2006 and you need to write this in words. So, here’s what it will be —> Fifth of May Two Thousand and Six.
  • Similarly, suppose your date of birth is 20/12/2001, then it will be in words like —> Twentieth of December Two Thousand and One.

The given below table, share a few more examples to just simplify it for even a child. So, here you go!

DOB in FiguresDOB In words
08/12/2008Eighth December Two Thousand and Eight
25/07/2009Twenty-fifth July Two Thousand and Nine
19/11/1999Nineteenth November Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Nine
13/01/2004Thirteenth January Two Thousand and Four
30/11/2010Thirtieth November Two Thousand and Ten
01/01/2002First January Two Thousand and Two
30/12/2000Thirtieth December Two Thousand
08/04/2009Eighth April Two Thousand and Nine
14/11/1998Fourteenth November Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Eight
16/02/2004Sixteenth February Two Thousand and Four

Ordinal Numbers

  • In the below table, I have listed out the numerals as Ordinal Number and also in the corresponding word. So, check this out too!
Ordinal No.Ordinal no. in words
2nd    second
6th  sixth
11th eleventh
23rd Twenty-Third

A Word of Note –>
The date of birth in numbers is thus written in different ways depending on the country. In India, the format thus used for Date of Birth in numbers of digits wherever you need to write in any form or anywhere is DD /MM/YYYY.

If your date of birth is August 2, 2003, then it will be written in numbers as 02/08/2003, which is how the date is written. So it is very simple that the date is written first, then the month and the year.

How do you write Date of Birth in figures and words?

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How do you utter a date in words?

If it is a date or a birth date, the date is written or spelled in an ordinal number or in words as you have thus seen in the tables given above. So, you always need to write/pronounce the date in ordinals. Say: 5 is thus pronounced or written as 5th or Fifth.


By now, I can thus safely say, that you have got the answers to your question, how do you write Date of Birth in figures and words? You’ve also come to know about various rules and also some tips and tricks related to the dates. Also, you have come to know about the ordinal numbers and their corresponding words? And, what not? But, if you still have any confusion or questions, feel free to reach out to me in the comments section and I will readily respond. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!!

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