The heart icon has become common in today’s world in relation to various apps that are being made. The developers of the apps use the heart icon to represent love, warmth, and care. They can also use it to show acknowledgment and support to someone or something. It has now become a popular way to show someone’s gratitude. Many people prefer apps with heart icon as it has now become a symbol of kindness. In this blog, we will discuss the topic of apps with heart icons at a length and discover more about it.

Apps with heart icon

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Health and fitness apps also use these heart notifications. So the heart notifications (white or blue) are not unique to dating apps such as Bumble or Tinder.

Following is the list of Android apps that use heart notifications:

All the aforementioned apps use a heart icon as a notification icon. So, it does not necessarily mean that people are getting heart notifications by using a dating app.

Related Questions Apps with heart icon?

1. Which dating sites use a heart icon?

The Eharmony logo uses a heart symbol as a representation of fondness and passion. Also, the heart shape is chequered in design which makes it unique in design and appealing to the eyes.

2. Which app uses 2 white heart notifications?

Firstly, uses 2 white hearts as a push notification. As the name suggests, it is a dating website for adults for relationships, friendships, or more. Secondly, Plenty of Fish (POF) is another app that uses blue hearts overlapping as push notifications. You can easily access this app through the Google Play store. It is also an online dating service that is free of cost.

3. Which app uses a white heart icon?

Google Fit uses the white heart icon. And this icon will appear when you have completed your workout goal for the day. This fitness app informs you of this good news using this heart.

4. What is the app that uses a heart with 2 fingers?

Digital Touch uses a heart with two fingers. This is an app that will let you draw on top of a picture or video. You can also draw animated drawings i.e. a beating heart.

5. How to find hidden apps on Android?

  1. Firstly, click on the ‘App drawer’ icon available in the bottom corner, right side of the home screen.
  2. Secondly, tap on the Menu icon.
  3. Then press the ‘Show hidden applications’ icon from the menu.
  4. There may be a chance that nothing will appear. In that case, there may be no hidden apps on your android.

6. What is the meaning of ♡?

This emoji is chiefly used as a symbol of close bond, love, and support. It is also closely related to an admiration for the color white. For example, white clothing or animals. It can also represent “I love you”, “You’re my best friend or something similar.


We hope that you found this blog on Apps with heart icons helpful. To summarize the blog, we can say that the heart icon is now being used by various other apps other than dating ones. Presently, fitness apps, productivity apps, and some social media apps are using them.

Consequently, it is better to ask your significant other, if you see a heart notification on their phone. You can easily clear your doubts by using the same fitness app etc to justify the heart notifications. We hope that this blog has cleared all your doubts and answered all your questions. Thank You!

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