Hi, there! In this post, we will be looking at what does a Venmo Reminder look like. So, be calm and stay alert as we go through the various facets of this game called Venmo Reminder. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Venmo reminder notifications, such as how/where, and when to remind your friends on Venmo.

What does a Venmo Reminder look like?

The Venmo reminder notification looks like a simple payment request. It’s the same as the payment request you send your friend about the money they owe you. So, typically when you remind someone on Venmo, they receive a notification that you are asking for or requesting an amount of say $500 for “the reason” that you mentioned in the note when you sent the original payment request.

This is to say, that the Venmo reminder notification looks exactly like the payment request you sent to your friend. It is so because Venmo does not add any additional notes or extras to it.

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Does Venmo send automatic reminders?

You would have thought that since Venmo is providing so much it will also be providing the facility of sending automatic reminders. But, let me make it clear, as of now, Venmo does not automatically remind anyone about an outstanding payment.

So, if you want to request someone for payment, you have to do it on your own, i.e. manually. On that note, if you ever receive a Venmo reminder notice from someone, it means that person is reminding you to send them the outstanding payment you may have. Venmo does not remind anyone automatically.

How to Request a Payment?

To remind someone on Venmo, you must first request the amount of money your friends owe you. You can also add a note as to why you are requesting the money.
If you sent the payment request to your friend and they do not follow through, Venmo offers an option to remind your friends to pay you, which you can find by following the steps below.
To request money on Venmo

  • Open the Venmo app and sign in to your account if you have not already.
  • Click the draft option (a pencil and dollar sign icon) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Enter the username of the person you would like to request money from.
  • Enter the amount of money.
  • Press “Request.”
  • Now tap “Confirm.”
What does a Venmo Reminder look like

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How to Remind on the Venmo App?

Now, if you’ve already sent the payment request to your friend but they do not pay back the amount; in such a case you can use Venmo’s reminder feature to remind them of the pending payment. Here’s what you will have to do:

  • Launch your Venmo application.
  • Tap on the three dots button.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Incomplete” > “Requests” > “Unfulfilled Requests”
  • Now, proceed to tap on the blue “Remind” button there.
  • You will find that after you tap, it will change to a grey message saying “Reminded”.
  • That is all that you needed to do 🙂

What happens when someone is reminded of payment?

When you remind someone on Venmo, the user or person receives a notification from Venmo that you are requesting x amount.
With Venmo’s reminder feature, anyone can remind their friends or people who have not yet completed an outstanding payment.

What does a Venmo Reminder look like

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Is there any set rule, on when you should remind someone for payment?

You can remind someone about the outstanding payment at any time. However, according to Venmo data, 67% of the app’s users think it’s appropriate to remind someone of the payment within four days of the original transaction.
Seventy-two percent of Venmo users believe the appropriate timeframe for a payment reminder is within 24 hours of a transaction.
They also agree that once a request is received, the appropriate response time for repayment is an additional 24 hours.
67% of Venmo users agree that it is reasonable to send a reminder message within 4 days of the original transaction.

Nature of Venmo Transactions —- Is it Public?

The answer to this question, boils down to your choice, what you want its nature to be. Transactions in the Venmo app can be public, but they do not have to be. You can choose the privacy settings as per your choice and wish either as a default setting or per transaction basis. The privacy settings that you can choose from, are:

  • Private

Transactions will be only visible to you in your personal feed, and if it’s a payment to another person, it will also be shown in that person’s feed.

  • Friends only

Venmo will share the transaction only with your friends in the app and with other participants’ Venmo friends.

  • Public

Your transactions will be publicly available in the Venmo feed, and anyone with an internet connection can see them.

What does a Venmo Reminder look like

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By now, you are acquainted with the various facets of the Venmo reminder. Including, what is its nature, how to send a reminder to someone for payment and also how to raise a request amongst other things. You can go share bills with friends and relatives and do not ponder over payment as you have Venmo reminders at your fingertips. Now, that you have a clear idea on what does a Venmo Reminder look like? On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!! If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask in the comments and I will readily try to answer them.

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