Zelle is the best digital wallet that allows you to send and receive money from anyone who can be your friend or another person. You need to link your bank card or credit card to your Zelle and then make the transaction. However, some users may keep requesting money from you through Zelle. To prevent this, you can block someone from Zelle. Thus, on that note, in this post, we will tackle the question, how to block someone on Zelle?

Advantages of using Zelle –>

Before, we move forward, let’s see some advantages of Zelle. Because, using Zelle as a digital wallet and connecting with one of your banks or credit unions offers many benefits and perks. Here are the best benefits of using Zelle, such as.

  • Easy sending and receiving of money with no fees.
  • Flexible request feature.
  • No need to use mobile banking.
  • The fastest payment system on the market.
  • You don’t have to wait for hours to send and receive payments.
  • Effective customer support.
How to Block Someone on Zelle

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Can you block someone on Zelle?

You will be quite glad to know that the answer to your above question is a big “YES“. You can easily block a user from Zelle if they are bothering you for any reason. If someone has your Zelle email or phone number, they can request money from you. There is no restriction where users can request money from anyone on Zelle if they know him.

Scammers are looking for many transparent Zelle users and the corresponding ID of their accounts. If someone has your Zelle email or US phone number, they can easily request money from you. This type of scam is most common on Zelle, and the scammers lure thousands of dollars from users by pretending to be their family members or friends. So, if someone asks for money on Zelle who is a complete stranger, you can block them. This way, they will not be able to request money from you and you will be safe on Zelle as well.

Besides, you can also report a Zelle user if he bothers you for some other reason. If blocking does not satisfy your inner anger, you can report the person at ID and exclude them from using Zelle.

How to Block Someone onZelle?

Now, that you know that it is possible to block anyonce causing nuisance to you on Zelle. Let’s see the steps involved in blocking someone on Zelle:

  • Launch the Zelle app.
  • Thereafter, sign in to your Zelle account.
  • Thereafter, tap on the “More Options” button.
  • Next, select the “Settings” option > “Privacy Settings” > “Block Requests”
  • Now, search for the Account of the user that you want to block.
  • Thereafter, tap on that Account and confirm your choice to add that user to the “Blocked Users” list.
  • That’s it! Enjoy 🙂
How to Block Someone on Zelle

Blocking someone on Zelle Wells Fargo?

If you don’t want to receive payments or funds from a person on Zelle Wells Fargo, simply delete the recipient using the following steps. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  • Launch your Well Fargo banking app.
  • Thereafter, sign in to your account.
  • Now, open the “Online Banking” option.
  • Next, select the “Payments and Receivables” option.
  • Furthermore, tap on the “Account transfer” function.
  • Thereafter, in the next step select the “Manage cell recipient” function.
  • Finally, search for that user and tap on the “Delete” option.
  • That’s it! 🙂

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What happens when you block someone on Zelle?

If you block a user on Zelle, they’ll not be able to send you money in the future. In addition, the person will also not be able to request money if their account is on your block list.

Moreover, if that person tries to request your money, you’ll not receive any notification about it in your account. This way you can use your Zelle account without any disturbance and always be in peace.

How to unblock a user from Zelle?

If you think that blocking someone on Zelle is affecting your business or other things, you can unblock someone at any time. There is no limit to blocking or unblocking a user on Zelle. So, here’s how you can unblock a person/user on Zelle:

  • Launch the Zelle application on your device (iOS or Android).
  • Thereafter, go to your Zelle account settings by tapping the “More options” button and then selecting “Settings”.
  • Next, proceed to tap on “Privacy” in the settings list.
  • Now select the “Block requests” option.
  • Then go to the “Blocked Users” list and select the user you want to unblock.
  • Finally, tap on the “Unblock” option.
  • That’s it! Now, enjoy transacting happily 🙂
How to Block Someone on Zelle

WRAPPING UP — How to Block Someone on Zelle?

In this post, I can vouch that you have got the answers to your question, how to block someone on Zelle? You have also come to know about the various reasons that you may have to block someone on Zelle and the precautionary steps you can take to protect yourself from scammers. Not only that, you’ve also come across certain solutions for all your issues. So, by now you are fully aware of the various techniques to block and even unblock someone on Zelle. On that note, until the next time, see ya!! Goodbye!!

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