Today, I am writing this post to discuss, is Golf with your Friends cross-platform. Actually, I have received many queries regarding this in the last few days and so I thought instead of replying to each person one by one, let me write a blog on this topic. So, here I am writing this today. So, let’s start with the discussion right away, but before that let’s see what is Golf with your Friends all about, in the first place. Let’s start then!

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Golf with your Friends

It is a golf video game developed by Black-light Interactive, that you can play together with your family and friends. Generally, the player starts the game by selecting a golf course, and he can choose between multiplayer mode or single-player mode. It has been released on various platforms like your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, etc., and is full of fun and entertainment. As you would expect, the basic premise is simple, to get around the course with a few shots. Not only that it accompanies a lot of power-up mini-games too, thereby providing you with an exquisitely amazing experience.

Is Golf with your Friends cross-platform

In this game, you will have to go through thirteen levels, and your team can consist of a maximum of twelve players. Thus, each player shall score 234 times by completing 18 holes in each level. In general, players can customize their processing levels and balls as they progress through the game. Besides, the game has corresponding features in each corner of the world that will please the players. Not only that, but becoming a professional in this game is really a challenge. Also, to customize your golfing experience, there is an option to design tracks, caps, and skins, and effects such as dream-like and power-ups can change the golfing experience.

Note: It’s not easily possible for a player playing on one platform to try and connect multiplayer with a player using a different platform.

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Is Golf with your Friends cross platform?

As far as I know and can remember, the legal answer to this question is a big “NO”. Golf with your Friends is not a cross platform idea. I don’t know why the developers haven’t provided this facility. But, as much as I would have liked to have it as a cross-platform mode game, here are some possible reasons that may be behind this not being cross-platform.

  • Setting up players with one another can be quite complex, expensive, and cumbersome.
  • Also, there may be minimal support from the developers because, with a cross-platform game, it is difficult to fix bugs and keep up with user requests.
  • Also, cross-platform games, generally struggle with the player base which is inconsistent or so to say, non-existent. It is not an easy task to run an online video game with a limited number of players.
Is Golf with your Friends cross-platform

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Is Golf with your Friends cross platform for PC and Xbox Users? ~~>

Again, as I have already mentioned above, I don’t think that it is a cross-platform game. Also, it will not be wrong if I say, that methinks that the developers at this moment are also not keen on making it a cross-platform product. Similarly, this scenario is the same for any other combination of cross-platform devices.

Is Golf with your Friends cross platform for PC and Nintendo Users? ~~>

The answer to this question is similar to the above one and that is a big “NO”. You cannot play Golf With Your Friends on Nintendo Switch and PC together. Thus, you need to use the same platform to play with your friends. This game does not support multiple platforms. Hence, a player on one platform cannot play with the player on a different platform, in this case, a PC and a Nintendo Switch.

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Is Golf with your Friends cross platform for PC and PlayStation? ~~>

NO! You cannot play Golf With Your Friends, connecting a PC and PS4 together You cannot play this game with your friends as there is no support for it. You need to use the same platform to play the game. That’s it! There’s no other way out.

Is Golf with your Friends cross platform for Xbox and PlayStation? ~~>

Similar to all the answers above, here also, all I have to say is a big “NO” in response to this question. The Golf with your Friends game does not provide a cross-platform play functionality.

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Is Golf with your Friends cross-platform


In this post, I think I have done well enough to have given you ample ideas on if Golf with your Friends is cross-platform. All the points have been discussed in great detail. And, I believe that if you’ve come to this, you will surely have gained a considerable information on this topic. With that, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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