Facebook is a useful tool to connect with colleagues, employees, customers, and community members. If you want to use this social network but have deleted your account, there’s no need to worry. Unless you’ve filled out a form in which you’ve explicitly stated that you want to delete your account without the possibility of recovery. Facebook’s developers have made sure that you’ll be able to recover your account quickly and easily, so you can reach your business contacts again. On that note, we will right away talk about the deleted Facebook account, in this post.

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Deleted Facebook Account ~~>

Facebook or Meta as it is now called, is one of the most popular platforms in social media. However, if you want to distance yourself from Facebook, deleting your account is a quick and permanent way to disconnect. But, before you delete your account, however, keep in mind that a lot of popular apps are connected to your Facebook account. Once you’re ready, you can follow the below-given steps.

Before you proceed to delete your Facebook account. You should back up your data before completing the process. In that regard, one of the steps you can adopt is syncing contacts between devices. So, let’s see that in a bit more depth.

Deleted Facebook Account

Sync Contacts between Devices ~~> ~~>

Syncing of contacts is a step in the right direction because it backs up your contacts online and in almost real-time. Also, it allows you to quickly move contacts between applications without having to manually enter the names. The iPhone has a built-in feature to synchronize with Facebook. All you need is a cellular or Wi-Fi connection and a recent version of iOS since the feature is in-built nowadays. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Tap “Settings” on your Home screen.
  • Then, tap on the Facebook icon.
  • Thereafter, enter your apple credentials to log into it.
  • Next, enter your Facebook ID and password to connect your device.
  • Now, tap on “Update Contacts”.
  • Voila! You have synced up to your contacts.

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Deleting your Facebook Account — Android Users ~~> ~~>

Deleting your Facebook account via the mobile app works similarly to how it works via the browser. Although you have got the option to download all your data here, it’s better to do it on a computer, especially if there’s a lot of data to download. Now, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Facebook application.
  • Then, tap the three vertical lines(hamburger menu) > “Settings and Privacy” > “Settings”.
  • Next, go to “Personal and Account Information” > “Account ownership and control” > “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Delete account” and next on “Proceed to account deletion”.
  • Finally, move down and tap “Delete account”.
  • Normally, it will take anywhere up to ninety(90)days to completely delete your account.
  • That’s it! You have successfully deleted your Facebook account.
Deleted Facebook Account

Note: After deleting if you still want to reverse the step, you’ve around thirty(30) days to reverse the deletion after you initiate it.

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Desktop Users ~~> ~~>

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Facebook website.
  • Thereafter, log into your account.
  • Next, click on the hamburger menu > “Settings & Privacy” > “Settings”.
  • Then, click on your Facebook information.
  • Now, click on View next to the Deactivation and Deletion section.
  • Thereafter, choose either deactivate your account option (to hide your profile from others) or the delete your account option (to permanently delete it).
  • We will choose “Permanently delete account”.
  • Finally, confirm once again by clicking on “Delete Account” once again.
  • Normally, it will take anywhere up to ninety(90)days to completely delete your account.
  • That’s it! You have successfully deleted your Facebook account.
Deleted Facebook Account

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Recover your Deleted Facebook Account ~~>

Now, if you want to recover your deactivated Facebook account, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Facebook website in your web browser.
  • Thereafter, enter your account credentials and log in to Facebook.
  • Next, click the “Sign in” button.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully reactivated your Facebook account.

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WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, I think I have done well enough to have given you ample solutions; to know about your deleted Facebook account. All the methods above are literally very simple and even a beginner can thus easily follow them. So, try your hands on any of these quick ways to resolve the issues and fulfill your wish. Also, put out your thoughts and views in the comments section. Notwithstanding, do mention which method you have liked the most. On that note, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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