You have recently bought an Amazon Echo Show and are looking to understand the way to start with it. You don’t need to look anywhere else but here is where we will discuss How to use Echo Show camera? This place is your destination for the best guide and tips on the Echo Show.

How to use Echo Show Camera

In this section, we will be looking at various ways and tips to use the Echo Show Camera. Let’s get a head-on-start then.

Setting up the Echo Show

Place the Echo Show at a convenient location and then plug in the power adapter into it and then into a socket and turn it on. Now, follow the on-screen prompts like picking a language, hooking up with your Wi-Fi, and logging into your Amazon account.

Note that you will need Alexa to manage your Echo Show. To download the app :

Go to the App Store and Look for “Alexa” and then continue with your download and installation to set it up further.

Navigating Echo Show

Here are some navigation tips for you to use :

  • For home screen: Say, “Alexa, go home.”
  • For seeing the available settings: Say, “Alexa, go to settings.”
  • In order to scroll across a list: Say,”Alexa, scroll [options like “up” and “down”]
  • For media playback: Say, “Alexa, [the option like “play”, “pause”, “next”, etc.]

Various Light Bar Meaning

  • Blue Bar : It appears when Alexa is processing the requesst you just made.
  • Red Bar : It appears when the microphone and camera is off.
  • Orange Bar : It appears in times of connectivity issues.
  • Purple Bar : It appears to signal that the DND Mode is enabled.

Changing the Wake Word

You can also change the wake word. It is as simple as making fun.

  • You just need to say, “Alexa, open Settings”
  • Thereafter, select “Device options” > “Wake Word”
  • And, select the wake word of your choice. This will replace your current wake word that is “Alexa”.
  • So, the next time youneed to call upon Alexa, you need to instead utter the new wake word.

Magnifying the Echo Show screen

This is another accessibility feature. When enabled, the Screen Magnifier will allow you to enlarge items on your screen to enhance readability.

  • To show on the Screen Magnifier, say, “Alexa, Open Settings”.
  • Now, select Accessibility and tap Screen Magnifier.
  • Hurray ! you have succeeded in magnifying your Echo Show screen.

Pair your mobile with Echo Show

Your Echo Show is Bluetooth-enabled so you’ll stream popular services, whether that be iTunes or Google Play Music, from a mobile device.

  • Just say, “Alexa, pair my phone.”
  • Now, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  • Choose Echo Show.
  • And, after a successful connection set-up. You are good to use your Echo Show with the mobile device.
How to use Echo Show Camera

Various Other Functions :

Setting up background photo

To set your own photo as a background pic :

  • Open Alexa
  • Upload a pic
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Select your device > Choose the picture from the Home section
  • Infact, you can even choose multiple pictures as background image.

Enabling Do Not Disturb Mode

  • To enable DND just say, “Alexa, Don’t Disturb Me”.
  • In order to turn this feature off say, “Alexa, Turn Off Don’t Disturb”.

Turn off Echo Show screen

This is practically very useful especially when someone walks over and you intend to not show what you’ve been doing this while. You just thus, need to ask Alexa to close the screen by saying “Alexa, close the screen”.

Again to turn it back on, just say “Alexa” and it lights up and starts again.

Make a Video Call

  • You just need to say “Alexa, call[person name like “Shubham”].
  • Now, Shubham’s contact gets listed on the Contact screen
  • Thereafter, you need to toggle the video “ON” by touching the “ON” button
  • If your video is toggled “OFF”, it implies you intend to have just a normal voice call.
  • Also, once you get a call a green light appears and you get alarm prompts which you have to answer. For affirmative say “Answer” or say “Ignore” to ignore the call. To finish your call, say “Hang up”

Use Skype

To use Skype on Echo Show :

  • Open Alexa app
  • Go to Settings then look for Communications.
  • Now, proceed to Skype and link you account
  • And proceed to use your Skype time.

Watch Latest Movies

To watch the latest movies :

  • You can say “Alexa, watch[movie name].
  • You can watch films or TV shows from Amazon Prime Video and other active Amazon Channels subscriptions (like Showtime, HBO, and Starz) only.
  • After your video starts playing, you can also use voice control commands to regulate it’s flow.
How to use Echo Show Camera

Here’s your guide to watching HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV !! 🙂

Turn on Multi-Room Music

This feature enables you to play across many Alexa-enabled devices at your home simultaneously including on the Echo Show.

  • Tap on “Smart Home” in Alexa app
  • Go to “Groups” > “Create Groups” > “Multi-Room Music Group” > “Create Custom” > Give a name to the group
  • Thereafter, tap on Next. and Hurray your group is created.
  • Now, you just need to say, “Play [the name of the song or the artist] [and the group name you just created]”.

Echo Show Reads aloud the items I touch

The Echo Show features a VoiceView Screen Reader that reads aloud items you touch on the screen. You need to enable it once and thereafter, your gestures help to navigate and interact with the Echo Show. Thus, the VoiceView feature describes your actions. Like reading aloud item names like “Apple” “Papaya” Milk”, etc. An accessibility feature like this also tremendously helps folks with disabilities.


So, what’s your take on this quick guide. Hopefully, if you have completely followed this post diligently, then, you will be aware of the many functionalities and the ways to handle and manage these on your newly purchased Echo Show device. We covered How to use the Echo Show Camera in great detail but, if you still have any queries, do not hesitate to put them up in the comments section, for me to answer them. Till then see-ya !! 🙂

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