Have you ever seen someone you know post something unpleasant on a social media platform? I think we all have. That’s what social media platforms have become nowadays. But still, a platform like LinkedIn is designed to be a professional setup having users who display professionalism. Still, there are people at times who are LinkedIn users but come in the aforementioned first category. Hence, blocking these people, their unwanted interactions, and harassment is necessary. Blocking someone on any platform is always nerve-wracking. What if they notice? On that note, in this post, I am thus about to discuss how to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn without them knowing

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How to Block Someone on LinkedIn without them knowing? ~~> ~~>

To block someone on LinkedIn:

  • Open your LinkedIn application.
  • Open the profile of the user you want to block > Tap on “More”
  • Thereafter, select “Report/Block”.
  • Next, from the prompt that appears select the option “Block” [Member] under “What would you like to do?”
  • Finally, tap on “Block.”
  • Hurray! you have successfully blocked the annoying character.

Blocking someone without visiting their profile ~~> ~~>

  • Go to “Me” in the top menu and open “Settings & Privacy”:
  • Next, move to the “Visibility” section > “Profile display options” > “Change”:
  • There you have the option to display your profile as “Anonymous”:
  • Thereafter, follow the steps mentioned above.

Note: In this method, you will go into the “incognito mode” to block the contact.

So, by now you have become aware of how to block someone on LinkedIn without them knowing. Now, let’s see how to unblock someone.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn without them knowing

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How to unblock someone ~~> ~~>

You have blocked someone and that person has apologized for their behavior and you want to pay heed to their request to unblock them. Or maybe you feel that you’ve wrongly blocked someone and wish to unblock them. Then:

  • Go to “Me” in the top menu and open “Settings & Privacy”:
  • Next, tap on “Block and Hide” under the “Privacy” tab
  • Then, on the “Change” option under “Blocking”.
  • Thereafter, in your block list, find the person you want to unblock and click “Unblock”.
  • That’s it! You have unblocked that person.

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How to find out if someone has blocked you? ~~> ~~>

There are certain tell-tale signs that you have been blocked. Say:

  • Until yesterday, you were able to access the person’s profile and contact them, but suddenly you are unable to find them through search or in your connection/follower list.
  • Maybe, you can access and view their profile through a friend’s account but not your account.
  • Or, you can not see their profile even if you access it through the profile’s direct URL.

What happens, when you block a user on LinkedIn? ~~> ~~>

  • You will not be able to access each other’s profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Also, you cannot exchange messages or see your shared content.
  • You will not be able to see each other in “Who’s seen your profile”.
  • All endorsements and recommendations from that user will be removed.
  • You’ll no longer see each other under “People you may know” and “People who’ve also been seen”.

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Removing a Connection on LinkedIn ~~> ~~>

At some point, you may get fed up with a particular person in your LinkedIn contacts and want to remove them without blocking them. This may be because they post unreliable things or send a lot of spam. So, to remove that connection:

  • Open your Linkedin application/webpage.
  • Then, visit your feed page.
  • Next, find the person in the feed who you want to remove from your connections.
  • Thereafter, tap the 3-dots button next to their feed.
  • Select “Remove connection with (name).”
How to Block Someone on LinkedIn without them knowing


  • If you don’t want to remove the connection, but just want to take a break from that person, select “Unfollow (Name)” from the same drop-down menu.

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WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

Congratulations on blocking that annoying connection instead of having a heated keyboard fight with them over the Internet. That will only hurt your fingers and your keyboard and harm your mental health. Kudos to you! By now, you are also aware of various ways you can unblock a person, or remove a connection. You have also become aware of the various changes that take place when you block a person on LinkedIn. So, choose your decisions wisely. With that, I leave you, until the next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~> ~~>

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