Social media is becoming a home for acronyms by the day. Every day that you explore the social platforms, you learn some new acronyms that you have no idea about. And when the people around you use acronyms you do not understand, you feel like an egg on your face. And the worst part is when you get it completely wrong. One such acronym is what does SFS mean on Snapchat.

What does SFS mean on Snapchat

Various trendy acronyms are coming day by day. Scrolling through our feeds you may have come across the acronym SFS. Most of the time, you’ll see SFS in your friends’ Stories. If you are not familiar with these acronyms, let’s get down to their nitty-gritty.

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SFS in Snapchat

The acronym SFS stands for Shoutout for a shoutout. It’s when two people agree to tag or feature the other person in their post or story so that both sides can reach each other’s audience. A great way to get more followers on Snapchat. By using it as a hashtag in your Stories, you will gain views and followers that will help you become an influencer.

You can use SFS in many ways. For example, you might have seen a Snap where someone is asking others to agree to an SFS. Ultimately, that person is looking for someone to promote their profile in return for a shoutout as well. Here is how to respond to SFS on Snapchat

If you get tagged on an #SFS snap, you can ignore the snap or re-share the owner’s post, whereupon they will share your post in return, generating reach and engagement for both of you. The point of #SFS is to generate as much reach as possible for a post.

So you can share the post by sharing and re-posting it or re-post the story from your own Snapchat.

Getting your shoutout on Snapchat

There are many ways you can get shoutouts on Snapchat. Here, I’ll tell you a few important and proven ways to get Shoutouts on Snapchat. The other way that you may have heard people use is the real shoutout. In this situation, you may have seen someone on Snapchat that you follow tag another customer and add #SFS to the story. In this case, your companion has probably consented to tag someone in return for a tag as well.

Buy Shoutouts

One way to get shoutouts on Snapchat is to simply buy them. People can communicate in different dialects, but cash is considered an all-encompassing interpreter, and that’s fine. One of the most popular platforms for buying Snapchat shoutouts is Fiverr.

Come in touch of influencers

Another alternative is to connect with people who are now mainstream on Snapchat. If you fit into this category and can connect with them, chances are they will not be shy about giving you a shoutout in one of their Snaps.

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Social Media Promotion

Another alternative is to promote on various social media platforms. While these are not really shoutouts on Snapchat since you are basically promoting yourself, there are numerous online networks where you can post your Snapchat details and get people to follow you. Basic social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are used to spread the word, but there are others as well.

Now that we know that SFS stands for Shoutout, it is basically an acronym that individuals use to help each other increase their popularity on various social media channels. So, we should investigate and perceive how this compares to the rise of influencers on social platforms.

How to use #SFS tag ?

The #SFS hashtag allows users to discover other accounts related to SFS – or cross-promote. Ideally, you tag a photo with the hashtag #SFS, others find it and then hit the Like button expecting you to do the same for a photo of theirs.

There is generally no option to like pictures, therefore, people use #SFS to ask people to shout on their stories to gain followers. In return, the person asking for that like does the same.


In this post, we see what #SFS is? What does SFS mean on Snapchat? There are various acronyms coming up on social media platforms daily. Many other hashtags or acronyms are there which we can use hashtags like #L4L and #F4F. So, this post is an honest culmination of efforts to make you aware of SFS or shoutout for shoutout. In some cases, it is also known as Snap for Snap. If you have any more queries you can definitely without any hesitation reach out to us. Until next time, see ya. Good bye !! 🙂

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