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In February 2018, an update for Snapchat came out, called the “New Snapchat” update. Since that day, users of the app have been excited about the new features that Snapchat developers have added to the app. The update changed the app in many ways, but one of those things was the way your friends’ layout is listed on Snapchat.

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Snapchat Best Friend List Order

Snapchat has opted for a completely new algorithm that will determine your best friends for you. A lot of people are not happy about this and there are quite a few really negative reviews about it. Apparently, the update has changed a few things in the app and should make you interact with your friends more than before.

When you send and receive snaps from friends on Snapchat, you may notice that after some time of interaction, some emojis appear next to their names. These are referred to as your best friends.

Snapchat Best Friend List Order

Best friends on Snapchat ? What are they ?

Generally, your best friends are the friends you interact with the most. You may not consider these people to be the closest to you in real life, but if you snark with them often and frequently, Snapchat will place a small emoji next to their name to show your friendship.

Making a person your Best Friend? How ? ~~>

While you can not choose exactly who you want to be on this list, since Snapchat will do it for you, you can definitely influence who you want to be on this list by sending more snaps to these specific people and encouraging them to send more back to you. Try this for at least a few days so Snapchat can recalculate your interaction habits.

Some of the more serious best friend statuses (like Super BFF) require you to interact with the same friend every day for months. As a bonus, you get a Snap-stripe emoji next to that friend’s name that stays there as long as you keep snapping at each other every day.

There are different types of friendship emojis you can have on Snapchat. You can have a best friend, a best friend for two weeks, a best friend for two months, a mutual best friend, someone who is almost your best friend, and a close friend.

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Changing your Best Friends List Order in Snapchat ~~> ~~>

Snapchat does not currently offer its users the option to delete contacts from the best friends list. If you want them to disappear from your best friends list, you can decrease the interaction with them. Alternatively, you can keep the level of interaction with your current best friends, but increase the level of interaction with other people you want to put in their place.

Snapchat Best Friend List Order

If you stop sending and receiving Snaps from someone who is currently part of this list. Or, if you start interacting more with others than with them; then, your current best friends will disappear probably within a day.

Another way to remove someone from your best friends list is to block them on Snapchat and then unblock them. This resets the score that made the person a best friend.

Number of Best Friends ??

According to the Snapchat help page, you can have up to eight best friends at a time – including the ones you interact with most often via group chats. Best friends are updated regularly. So, it’s always easy to find the friends you want to interact with the highest.

You will be able to get your best friends’ list above the option of the “Send To” button. This will make it easier to find the friends you interact with the most, and you will not have to scroll through your entire friends’ list.

Who all can see your Best Friends?

In earlier editions of Snapchat, anyone could see anyone’s best friends’ list. But with recent updates, this feature is not possible.

Your best friends can not be seen by anyone else. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, no one knows who you interact with the most; but on the other hand, friend emojis showing that you are not another friend’s best friend can make you wonder; who is taking your place on the friends’ list.

Snapchat Best Friend List Order

About Snapchat scores, unlike best friends, you can see your friends’ Snapchat ratings when you open their profile. To do so, tap on their profile picture. The score will be displayed next to their username.

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WRAPPING UP !! ~~> ~~>

In this post, you have seen what or rather who are your best friends on Snapchat; and how to see your Snapchat best friend list order. You have also seen how to make someone your best friend; also the maximum number of best friends that you can have. Not only that, but you have also seen how to change the order of best friends and other trivial matters. Thus, I hope that this post answers all your queries and rests your concerns. On that note, until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! ~~> ~~>

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