Want to know how to access and watch ESPN Plus on Samsung Smart TV? Go no further, I am here to make you aware of the same. So, jump into it! Most people love to watch sports content. Therefore, this article is especially helpful for sports lovers.

Today, we will learn more about the sports content provider, ESPN(+). It is a service that offers sports content at affordable prices. If you are looking forward to watching it on a big screen, then this article is for you. In this post, we talk about ESPN Plus on Samsung Smart TV and not only that on any Smart TV for that matter whatsoever.

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN)

ESPN is a service that provides people with sports content through its TV channels and a streaming application, ESPN. The ESPN service was launched in 1979 and was developed by Bill Rasmussen, Scott Rasmussen, and Ed Egan. With the ESPN app, you can watch all ESPN channels, ESPN Originals, SEC Network, Longhorn Network, and more. It is accessible via cable, satellite, IPTV providers, and streaming services.


This is a paid service that you can subscribe to and not a standalone streaming application. It is available as an additional feature in the ESPN app. ESPN+ was launched in 2018. With ESPN+, you can watch martial arts, college sports, rugby union, cricket, golf, tennis, soccer, and so on. You also get access to MLB and NHL. It can be used on a variety of devices, including Samsung Smart TV. ESPN+ has over 13.8 million subscribers.

Subscribing to ESPN+

In this section, you will learn how to subscribe to ESPN+ through the ESPN app :

  • Install the ESPN app on your Android or iOS device from their respective app stores.
  • Thereafter, register yourself for an ESPN account and sign-in into your account on the app.
  • Now, click on settings and select ESPN+ Subscription in the ESPN app.
  • Click Subscribe again.
  • Thence, select the monthly or annual subscription and then click Subscribe Now
  • Following which you need to click on confirm and tap on subscribe now.
  • Again, sign in to your ESPN account in the ESPN app and provide your payment information and method for subscribing to ESPNPlus in the ESPN app and make the payment.
  • That’s it. No more waiting. You can now munch on your favourite ESPN Plus content in your ESPN application.

ESPN Plus on Samsung Smart TV

In this section, you will learn how to watch ESPN Plus on Samsung Smart TV. For this, you need to simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Connect your Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Then click on the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV remote and hover on the Apps section.
  • Then search for the ESPN app and click on it when you find it on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Now click on the Install button on your Samsung Smart TV to start installation of the ESPN app on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Thereafter, login yourself in your ESPN account on the Smart TV and happily browse your fav ESPN Plus content.

Activate ESPN+ on Samsung Smart TV

You can watch ESPN Plus on your Samsung Smart TV after signing in to your ESPN account. If you have trouble accessing content or if you are prompted to subscribe, follow these steps:

  • Install the ESPN app on your Samsung Smart TV, by following the above procedure.
  • Click on the Settings gear icon and select the Subscriptions option in the ESPN app on your TV.
  • Then select the Sign Up option and a code will appear on your TV.
  • Now access http://espn.com/activate on your smartphone or PC and paste the code into the appropriate field.
  • On your smartphone or at PC, click Next and log in to the ESPN account you used to purchase the ESPN+ subscription.
  • Then the ESPN+ service will be activated on your Samsung TV.
  • And, you can watch ESPN+ content on your Samsung Smart TV.

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Old Samsung TVs

In order to watch the ESPN Plus service on an old Samsung TV with a connected device, you can try out the following solutions:

Use Chromecast

  • Install the ESPN app on your log in to the ESPN account associated with the ESPN+ subscription.
  • Connect your Chromecast dongle to your old model Samsung TV and make the correct input selection on your TV.
  • Then connect your smartphone and Chromecast dongle over the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now access the ESPN app on your smartphone and click on the ESPN+ section.
  • In the ESPN+ section, click on the Chromecast icon.
  • You can see the list of available devices. Prefer your Chromecast from the list in the ESPN app on your smartphone.
  • After the devices are ready to pair, select the content you want to stream in the ESPN app on your smartphone and it will play on your Chromecast-connected older Samsung model TV.

Using Connected Peripeherals (TV Devices)

You can also use other connected TV devices with your old model Samsung TV to watch ESPN+. The connected devices you can use are FireStick, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation.

  • Connect your connected TV device to your old model Samsung TV.
  • Then install the ESPN app from the respective app store on your connected TV device.
  • You shall even activate your ESPN Plus application following the above steps for your connected device.
  • Thereafter, access ESPN+ on your connected TV device and watch it on your old Samsung TV.

FINAL WORDS — ESPN Plus on Samsung Smart TV

ESPN+ is an online service that has been added to the ESPN app at a great price. You have learned the steps to watch ESPN+ on Samsung Smart TV from this article. We also hope this article is helpful for you. With this note, thank you very much for your valuable time. Until next time, see-ya. Goodbye !! :)~ ~~> ~~>

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