My Reviews on Google. Have you ever written a review on Google? If not, but, plan to write on then, don’t worry, I am here to help you. Google reviews are a source of immense trust and faith. It forms the basis of the true relationship between any business and its customers. Any new customer will come to the business by seeing the reviews on Google. Hence, Google reviews of for that matter any source of reviews become very critical for businesses to prosper, more so for Google, with it being a trusted brand. But, before we delve deeper into it. Let’s see some benefits of these reviews in the first place.

Benefits of My Reviews on Google?

Since Google is the most used and trusted search engine, people also consider Google reviews as reliable information to draw conclusions about a particular product or service. Hence, these Google reviews become very critical for businesses to prosper in today’s time.

These reviews form an important part of a business’s digital marketing strategy and online presence. Below are the key benefits of Google reviews for your business:

  • Improve brand trust
  • Improve Google Search Ranking
  • Increase online presence
  • Increase in organic traffic through local SEO
  • Receive important feedback about your business
  • Improved conversions on landing pages
  • Increase in sales

These benefits are great for any type of business, but especially for small businesses that want to attract new customers to grow faster. Therefore, it’s important to know how to set up and optimize your Google My Business listing to achieve a better local SEO presence in the SERPs.

Here are some quick, helpful tips:

  • Choose a beautiful profile and cover photo
  • Also, select the relevant business category
  • Include relevant business information like description, phone number, location, website URL, working hours, etc.

Note: The feature of chatting with potential customers is a great one for Google My Business users. To use this feature, all you need to do is enter your phone number and enable the click-to-message option.

Importance of Google Reviews

Online reviews are an effective way of evaluating a service or company that operates as a local business. They increase trust and credibility and can contribute to the overall online reputation of a business. And, Google reviews are usually the first thing potential customer sees when they try to contact your business. They are so important!

This information from customers about the services and products of local businesses has become very important, especially during these times of uncertainty.

Since most of the local businesses had to close down and the crisis forced them to completely change the way they do business. They could no longer use their location as an advantage to attract customers. Now they faced the challenge of specializing in managing and delivering online orders. And they had to do it all in just a few days if they wanted to survive.

But the best thing that happened was that customers started ordering more from local businesses and supporting them. They search on Google for the nearest restaurant, read the reviews, and order. It’s a simple process, and if you encourage them to do it, they will most likely write you a Google review because they have the time at home.

In the sections below, we will see how to write a Google review. So, read on!

Google Reviews for Ranking??

Google’s algorithm is designed to provide users with the most relevant results. If many users have rated you, whether 5 stars or 1 star, Google believes them. So, if you have good reviews, your chances of ranking higher in the search results will increase.

This means that the more reviews you have, the more information Google will get about your business and your GMB listing will rank higher.

Want to write an anonymous review, but, don’t know how to write one. Don’t worry here is a quality piece for you on that !!

How to use Google My Business

PC Users
  • Open your Chrome browser and visit this .
  • Sign in there and click on “Reviews”.
  • To respond to any review click on the “Reply” button just beside that review.
  • After you have written your reply click on ‘Post Reply’ to post it.
Mobile Users
  • Open the Google My Business application.
  • Then, tap on Customers > Reviews.
  • Now, to reply to a review, slect it and tap on it.
  • When you finish writing the review select the Submit option to submit it.

Note: The users who submitted the review will be notified that you have replied. They have the option to read the response and edit their review information if necessary.

Managing my reviews on Google

Google does not allow reviews that detract from the product or are too personal. That being said, any person who wants to leave a review about a product or service can do so. If you want to manage your Google reviews, you can do so from Google Maps or Google My Business.

PC Users
  • Visit Google Maps.
  • Search with the name of the business.
  • Thereafter, click on Reviews.
  • When you see a review to reply to, tap on “Reply” and then you can post it by clicking on the “Post Reply” option.
Mobile Users
  • Open Google Maps.
  • Search with the name of the business in the search box.
  • Then, tap the business profile that pops up.
  • Go to Reviews
  • Tap on “Reply” to reply to a review if you want to.
  • That’s it !!

Want to track a Google Review?

Anyone who leaves online reviews can have their IP address tracked by people who are able to do so. Google knows your IP address even when you leave an anonymous review, and your ISP can see it too.

If you use a VPN, you can hide your real IP address because your location is spoofed by choosing another VPN server outside the country.


With this much information, we have come to the end of this post. I hope, you enjoyed this post and take back great and relevant knowledge. So, on that note, until next time, see ya !! Goodbye !! :)~~ **::::::** ::))::((~~>>

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