Are you missing the OEM unlock setting on your Samsung Galaxy device? This error is usually caused when the device enters the Prenormalized RMM state. Thus, here we will discuss how to fix the OEM unlock missing state by bypassing the above-mentioned pre-normalized RMM state.

So, let’s get started with the topic head-on in the subsequent sections. But, before we proceed let’s first take a quick glance at what OEM unlock is.

What is OEM Unlock?

OEM Unlocking means getting rid of your manufacturer. By unlocking your device, you take full control and also full responsibility for everything that will happen to your device.

OEM unlocking is, in a sense, breaking the agreement between you and your device manufacturer. After OEM unlock, you can do powerful things like flashing your phone with a custom ROM, a custom recovery like TWRP, and even custom kernels.

Google introduced the ‘OEM Unlock’ option with Android 5.0, you can look for it in the option called ‘OEM Unlock’ under the “Developer Options”. As a default, this feature is allowed by Samsung on all devices. However, on the latest Samsung flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

OEM Unlock Missing Issue Fix

Here we will be seeing how to fix the problem of missing OEM unlock on your Samsung Galaxy device:

  • Visit your device Settings.
  • Thereafter, tap on General Management >Then, select Date and Time.
  • Now, uncheck “Automatic date and time”.
  • You see that the manual date and time settings is now enabled.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Set Date’ option and select a date that is more than a week before the current date. For example, if today’s date is July 18, select July 1. Any date less than 7 days ago will do.
  • Thereafter, again go to Settings > About phone > Software Information.
  • Thereafter, subsequently, keep tapping the Build number option.
  • You will get to see the message that the Developer option is enabled after tapping for approximately 7 to 10 times.
  • Then, go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • And, subsequently tap on the Automatically Update System toggle to disable it.
  • Again, go to Settings > Software Update and tap ‘Download and Install’.
  • Finally, restart the device.
  • What do you see? Hurray!! you have succeeded.

Fastboot OEM Device Information !!

Another Method

To enable OEM to unlock, after booting up your device, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Visit Developer Options.
  • Thereafter, tap “OEM Unlock” and then select the “Turn On” to enable OEM unlock on your device.
  • Note that with the OEM unlock enabled on your device, you will be able to unlock your bootloader.
  • Also, you can install TWRP, or even root your Samsung Galaxy device!

Update Check Tweaking

From the above step, you will have the Automatic Date and Time option enabled. But, in this step, we will first and foremost require disabling this option at once. So, disable the “Automatic date and time” option. Then set a prior date of about a month ago. Thereafter, follow these steps shown below:

  • From above, it is clear that “Automatic date and time” shall be disabled and also you will have to select a month prior date.
  • After you complete the first step, connect your device to WiFi and enable the Download updates automatically option.
  • After enabling, tap Automatic update or Download update.
  • Your device will now check for updates but will not find any because you have rendered the date to a date in the past.
  • Once the update check finishes, manually change the date to the current date.
  • Once that’s complete, go into the developer options and that should fix the missing OEM unlock on your Samsung device

Preventing recurrence of OEM issue

If you do not want to come across this issue of OEM Unlock Missing to happen again, you can simply flash the below zip file via TWRP Recovery:



In this post, we have seen what OEM unlock is? We also have seen various ways of fixing this issue. Thus, on a parting note, I hope this guide has helped you in restoring the missing OEM unlock option on various Samsung devices. Until next time, see-ya, goodbye !! ::)

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