Have you even once tried your hand to figure out the hidden secrets of Android? To your amazement, indeed, you can control and change anything on any Android device with various ADB Fastboot commands. With these ADB Fastboot commands, you will thus be able to repair, update and even unlock your devices. So, relax and let us take a deep look at these ADB Fastboot commands. But before we move on, let us take a look at what ADB and Fastboot even are.


ADB is short for “Android Debug Bridge” and is hence a CLI (command-line) tool that works as a client-server structure to communicate with any Android device connected via USB to a PC.

ADB Fastboot Commands

It acts as a gateway between devices and performs a variety of actions such as installing or uninstalling apps, copying files back and forth, debugging apps, etc.
ADB also gives you access to a Unix shell that allows you to run a variety of commands on a device. ADB is part of the Android SDK “Software Development Kit” and consists of 3 main components namely, a client, a daemon, and a server that work when the device is powered on and booted into OS Recovery.


Fastboot is a diagnostic tool used to flash/change multiple files on an Android device when it is connected to a PC via USB. It starts on your device even before Android is loaded. Also, it loads the OS when a phone is powered on with a unique boot state that supports the command line interface, except for reboot or restart. It is the primary process that starts when you boot the Android phone.

This Fastboot mode thus allows you to unlock or relock your bootloader, install custom files and stock files, and install various core Android system files. It is also an alternate to recovery mode for installations, updates, and much more.

ADB Fastboot Commands List

ADB and Fastboot commands are powerful system utilities that help you access the backend of the Android system when it is connected to a PC, which is mostly used by Android developers and enthusiasts. These commands thus, have different functions and effects on Android phones and provide an additional layer of functionality on the devices. Let’s get down to see some amazing commands now:

ADB Commands

Note all the below ADB commands have a prefix of “adb“. So, I will not be writing the same as it is well understood for the sake of uniformity.

ADB CommandWhat does it do?
helpTo thus throw up the ADB documentation.
devicesTo thus see a list of all Android devices connected via the ADB.
rebootAndroid reboot.
reboot bootloader Thus rebooting your device in Fastboot/bootloader modes.
recoveryTo thus reboot into the recovery mode.
install filename.apkTo hence install an APK file
uninstall filename To hence uninstall any file
logcatTo thus see the log data
jdwpTo thus see the list of all JDWP processes on your devices.
get-serialnoTo see the ADB instance serial number string with the device.
get-stateTo thus get the status of your device.
wait-for-deviceUsed to hence issue a delay before issuing the subsequent command.
start-serverThus starting ADB server process.
kill-serverThus stopping the server process.
pullTo thus pull any file from your device.
pushTo thus push a file into your Android device.
shell To thus start the shell console.
shell dumpsys display It thus helps to display all display hardware and software configurations.
mkdir/sdcard/Shubham To thus create a folder named ‘Shubham’ under ‘/sdcard’
shell (press Enter)
ip -f inet addr show wlan0
To thus display the phone’s Wi-Fi IP address.
shell (press Enter)
To thus view top CPU processes running.
ADB Fastboot Commands

Fastboot OEM Device Information!!

Fastboot Commands List

Note that all the below Fastboot commands have a prefix of “fastboot“. So, I will not be writing the same as it is well understood for the sake of uniformity.

Fastboot CommandsEffect
devicesTo get a list of the various devices connected to your PC in Fastboot mode.
oem unlockThis command is hence used to unlock your bootloader.
oem lockTo thus relock your bootloader.
reboot bootloaderTo also reboot into Fastboot/bootloader mode
flashTo thus flash your files on your device.
flash boot boot.imgThis thus flashes a boot image on the device’s boot partition.
flash recovery recovery.imgThis thus flashes a recovery image on the device’s boot partition.
boot filename.imgIt thus boots the file.

ADB Fastboot Commands

WRAPPING UP < — > ADB Fastboot Commands

This post has thus been out and through an interactive guide on Fastboot and ADB. We have hence seen numerous and actually most of the commands in Fastboot and ADB. A note of caution though, prepare to use these commands under the guidance of an expert or at your own risk. Because before using these commands, you need to root your devices. Thus, on a parting note, hoping that I have done my task wholeheartedly, I bid you ta-ta and a huge goodbye!! 🙂

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