We all have used one time or the other the SD Card and Micro SD Card in our daily chores to transfer data to and fro. There isn’t any person having a smartphone or for that matter any phone with an SD card and not knowing its use. Thus, in this post, we will be looking at techniques to make the transfer of data from and to SD cards smoother. Also, we will look at how to insert Micro SD card in laptop without Adapter.

But, before we proceed with that, let’s see what’s a Micro SD card and what it’s used for? According to Wikipedia a memory card or micro SD card is a data repository device. Primarily used for storing digital information normally using flash memory. These are ordinarily used in movable electronic inclination which supports micro SD card niches.


The advantage of micro SD cards is, they can store gigabytes of data in a really small space. Normally, people use SD cards on their cameras and smartphones to store their images and other important files. Yea though the memory cards have gigabytes of space, at some point in time it also runs out of repository space. That’s when you want to transfer cues from your memory card to either your computer or any other external hard drive. Normally, you can do it by using a Micro SD card add-on. The add-on which you can connect via a USB harbor to your computer or laptop. Some laptops and computers also come accompanied with an erected-in micro SD card groove.

How to insert Micro SD card in Laptop without Adapter

How to insert Micro SD card in Laptop without Adapter

Do not take any worries if your computer or laptop doesn’t have a confected-in micro SD card groove. There are various other ways in which you can transfer files and data from a micro SD card to your laptop/PC.

There are certain requisites to let in an SD card on your computer :

  • A smartphone with micro SD card place
  • USB data wire

Now, what? How to insert Micro SD card in Laptop without Adapter

As we store the images, videos, and other data files in our SD cards which find usage in almost all phones. There are times when the storage runs out and that’s when we will come across the need to transfer our files from the SD card and free its space. Or, there may be times when we need to transfer certain files from our laptop to the SD Card. In general, cases we will simply use the SD card adapter and facilitate the transfer. But, what do we do when we don’t have the luxury of having the adapter in our systems.

In such cases let’s see what we have to do :

  • Put the Micro SD card in your smartphone or phone.
  • Either you need to connect your phone to a computer by using the USB lace which is compatible with your phone.
  • On your computer or laptop you click on the “ Phone” icon which should pop up in the bottom- right.
  • Now, arrange the files that you want to transfer to and from the Card by accessing the browser.
  • Thereafter, proceed with the process of transferring the files.

The process of exchanging data from the card to your laptop/PC may take a while as these cards can store tons (in Gb) of data.

How to insert Micro SD card in Laptop without Adapter

CHM Provider !!! What is it?

SD Card vs Micro SD Card

The basic difference is that the SD card has a size of 24 x 32 x2.1 mm, but the Micro Card has a size of 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm. The Micro SD card is also known as a TF card.

An SD card is a data repository device. This data is permanently kept on the SD card, a memory card created to SDA specifications. It’s an indivisible flash memory card.

A micro SD card is a minor memory or data repository card available. A kind of indivisible flash memory card suited explicitly for mobile phones. You can use it to store different types of queues like any flash memory card, including images, videotapes, music, or software. MicroSD is one of the most petite, accessible memory card sizes; a microSD card is roughly the fingernail size.

How to install an SD Card

The procedure to install an SD flash isn’t complicated and can be done using the following pathway.

  • Fit the flash into your mobile phone.
  • Tap the Set Up option that flashes on your screen when you touch the message suggesting that your card is inserted into your device.
  • You can now make the SD card as your external or your internal memory.
  • You just need to click on the “ Explore” option.
  • Thereafter, go to “ Settings” > “ Store and USB.”

Data transferring — How to do?

We have seen the simple methods to make data transfer possible in the above sections. Here again, we see a new method that we discuss below :

Possibly you could call this approach a multimedia sharing box or individual. It has no memory, just batteries, USB harbor, WLAN, and SD flash compendiums. These necks don’t have a memory. So you may freely connect the memory cards and the hard drive and copy the data from your flash via an app to your hard splinter. A stick or an SSD would be yea better than a hard drive because the moving essentials make hard discs a little more vulnerable.

How to insert Micro SD card in Laptop without Adapter


That’s all. This is how you can put a Micro SD card on your computer without an adjunct. I hope this content comes of great help and use for you in your endeavors. Micro SD card is really an excellent invention where you can store important files and data in a really compact space. Thus, we have seen the methods that we can make use of to transfer data files without using an adapter. Thus, until next time. See ya !! Sayonara 🙂

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