Smart TVs have become very popular because of their advanced features and various streaming apps available on most of them. Many of these smart TVs have subscriptions installed. So, you will be able to access your favourite TV channels along with live TV. However, there are many complaints regarding ‘Why is my smart TV so slow?’ In this blog, we will help you solve this issue and provide troubleshooting methods.

Why is my smart TV so slow

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Why is my smart TV so slow?

There are various reasons for ‘ Why is my smart TV so slow?’ and they are as follows:

1. Processors

The processors of smart TVs are similar to that of other smart appliances. But the dated Smart TVs were not designed properly and had bad processors that didn’t align with their needs. This was because Smart TVs were newly launched back then and engineers were not able to properly understand their duty. So, if you are an old Smart TV user, it can be the reason for your slow TV. In order to solve this, you have to change its processors if you can afford it and the speed of the smart TV will improve. But if you cannot change the processor then there is only one option i.e. upgrade your smart TV.

2. Update

The software used to design smart TVs allow them to operate properly and deliver smart features. But if your smart TV gets slow then you should look for a software update that may be available and waiting to get installed. So, download this software update on your smart TV for streamlining the functionality and performance. There is a high chance that software updating will likely fix the slow speed of your smart TV.

3. Internet Speed

In order for your smart TV to work properly, there should be an established internet connection. So, if your internet speed is slow or connection is sluggish then automatically the smart TV will become slow. If you want to fix this issue then you should fix your internet connection. Majority of people ignore this but smart TVs require high-speed internet connection. So, we recommend you to upgrade your internet package with higher speed. Alternatively, if you already have a high-speed internet connection then just reboot the network as it will improve the speed.

4. Age

In this sib-heading, we are discussing the age of your smart TV. Because older the smart TV gets, slower they become. It will happen despite of you updating the firmware. This mainly happens because of the poor design and wear and tears over the years. So, if your smart TV has become old and is running slow then you no option but to change it.

5. Support issues

If your TV is slowing down only while using the streaming platforms then it may be because there is no support available for those streaming apps anymore. It is possible that the owners of streaming apps have withdrawn support for some outdated Smart TV models. In this case, you will not be able to use  unsupported streaming apps without facing speed issues. There is only one solution i.e., upgrading to the TV model that supports latest apps. You also have the option to contact the owners of these apps for providing support.


We hope that you will find the problem and solution for your smart TV with the help of this blog. We have covered all the possible reasons for ‘Why is my smart TV so slow?’ Thank you for reading our blog!

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