Over the past few years, many experienced Javascript developers have developed many frameworks for node Js. In this article, we will see the best frameworks for node JS, their overview, advantages etc. The frameworks can be very beneficial for node js as it –

  • Easy scalability
  • The lower curve of learning
  • Full benefits of full-stack JavaScript
  • Very popular and active community
  • Single code to improve overall performance.

The best frameworks for node js are

Top Frameworks For Node JS In 2021

Hapi. Js

It is the simplest secure and very reliable framework that is trusted by many developers full stop it can be used to build scalable robust applications with minimum overhead and functionality. It is one of the best node.js frameworks to develop JSON API.

Hapi.Js can be used for –

  • Website development
  • HTTP proxy application development
  • Application programming interface service.

Key features of this Framework include input validation, logging, error handling, code reusability, implement caching, no dependency on external factors and plug-ins, configurational functionality, integrated architecture, and also it’s complete authentic API support in the node framework. This Framework is ideal for developing secure, scalable social media applications.


It is a flexible and minimum node.js application framework. This plugin is not created for any specific component so it has no restrictions about what Technologies you can plug this into. This also provides developers with the flexibility to experiment with it. It also provides the lightning-fast setup and perfect JavaScript experience making it one of the strongest in prototyping and Agile development.

Express.js can be used for –

  • Single and multi-page application.
  • Hybrid applications.

Key features of Express Framework our quick server-side development helps developers to build API faster, supports MVC architecture and also the SQL database as well. This is ideal for creating web applications and services quickly as it has available API generation tools built-in.


Server-side app Framework built to support developer’s productivity and making their work-life easier. Developers also use this framework to create a better structure for their code. Also, used to create code in a very organized manner.

Nest.js used for –

  • Writing simpler clear and reusable codes.
  • We can write codes with interceptors, filters, and pipes.
  • Writing enables and loosely packed applications.

Key features of this Framework include easily extendable, developers can write full code in JavaScript only, it also integrates the features of functional programming object, oriented programming, and functional reactive programming, it leverages frameworks API which helps developers use third-party modules available to different platforms, it also has well-maintained documentation which is very detailed. It is used for writing applications that are is scalable testable and loosely coupled with each other. It also offers the right balance of structure and flexibility to help you manage your codes for large projects with great efficiency.


An open-source node web Framework created by the creators of Express. However, with this Framework, they focus on creating a smaller expressive, and more robust platform for web application development and API. It also offers a wide variety of methods to help developers shorten the process of making servers more effective.

Koa.js used for –

  • Frontend Systems
  • Backend Systems
  • Hybrid Systems

Key features of this Framework include it is modern and future-proof, it has a smaller footprint compared to all the node frameworks, it has a built-in error that prevents crashing of your website, it uses an object that can handle both request and response objects. It is ideal for building a server, handling responses and errors.


Used for making real-time multidirectional communication between clients and servers. For this purpose, the client needs to have this Framework in their browser and the server needs to have integrated with this Framework package. This also helps in sharing of data in several forms. However, the best method is as always JSON. It also consists of JavaScript server-side node.js and JavaScript client library node.js.

Socket.io used for –

  • Several namespaces
  • Broadcasting
  • Event Handling
  • Error Handling
  • Logging and Debugging
  • Internal
  • Chat Applications

Key features of this Framework include encoding of the message, adding real-time capabilities to an application, support auto reconnection, higher speed, and reliability, and instant messaging and also its chat functions. It is one of the best communication tools that support multidirectional interaction.


With their immense capabilities at advancing mobile and also web development, the node JS frameworks make the developers build apps effortlessly. These are some of the best frameworks that you can choose for working with node.js. Apart from this, we can conclude that Express Js is the best among the top 5 frameworks for node JS. As it also provides developers with the flexibility to experiment with it. In Express Js, the Node js API frameworks are combined with browser-specific APIs that aren’t normally supported by the runtime environment. So Express Js considered as one of the strongest in prototyping and Agile development.

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