Node Js has been a popular web framework. Basically, it’s used for many applications. For years now, Node Js used to create some powerful CMS architectures.

Now you will see some useful Node JS CMS Platforms structure given below:

Node js CMS Platforms

Keystone JS

Keystone js is a powerful Node js CMS framework. Apart from providing powerful CMS structures, Keystone js also used to develop RESTful APIs, e-commerce applications, platforms, and different online forums.

Features Available In Keystone Js

  • Keystone helps to connect the MongoDB database using Mongoose. It also leads to the object document mapper (ODM) package.
  • It provides a rich API for database administration. The architecture of MVC makes it easier to build the structure for data. It requires a little work and it is more flexible and developers customized it easily.

Tiddly Wiki

This structure is full developed single entry function.

Features Available In Tiddly Wiki

  • Tiddly Wiki helps in sharing the hypertext documents to any server and store the data in USB drives or cloud services.
  • After it stores data developers can still use them after ages. It also guarantees the safety of the data. It also comes with amazing features such as a powerful editor toolbar, AutoSave start-up actions, etc.
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Taracot js

Taracot js is a rapid minimalistic CMS that is based on Node js. This is the structure that has been written in Javascript and even this structure is able to run on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc.

Features Available In Taracot js

  • Taracot Js offers a social networking system and it is a feature-rich blogging platform. It is an ideal platform for e-commerce solutions. Developers can easily customize it.
  • Developers can bring changes easily to any level of the existing modules with CMS.

We js

Our next one on the list is a Node js framework built for real-time websites, applications, and blogs. This structure has also provided the structures which are used in the management system and also supports the different media formats.

Features Available In We Js

  • We Js helps in creating different themes and these themes can host default plugin templates. It is compatible with all modern OS (Linux, Mac, Windows 10+).
  • We Js allows users to access permission and provides administrative interface. is a modern open-source NodeJs CMS. It is developed on NodeJs and Mongo DB. This structure is also offering innovation in segmentation technology which can help the transformation between the upper hand to online customers in the way of communication.

Features Available In

  • offers a structured and organized pathway as well. Developers can create websites easily by using
  • can easily retrieved and delete any type of content at any time. It is so fast, it allows to add, remove or update the contents quickly.


This structure is the NodeJs  system which aims to build the better and the powerful websites.

Features Available In Relax

  • Relax is an open-source CMS and it is free. In this Developers have to use the sharp module to resize images. It also provides an easy, simple, and quick way to bind data with components.
  • Relax makes the conversion of large image files easier and faster.

It is both productive and enjoyable for developers. It is also a headless CMS. This beautiful CMS offers a special starter project kit for NodeJs. Also, check out this NodeJs Tutorial and see how easy it is to create a simple website with Prismic on Node js.

Features Available In

  • Prismic offers SEO customization. It always takes the user’s experience and easily integrable with any language.
  • is less expensive than any other CMS. It supports the latest templating language. It also offers CDN, security, and reliability.


The node js version is the most advantageous to the developers rather than disadvantages. Apart from this, we can conclude that Keystone JS is the best among the top 7 best CMS to use for node JS. Because it is a headless CMS and also a GraphQL API for Node JS. It is the ideal back-end for many languages such as Vue, React, Angular, Next Js, Gatsby, etc. This version has also extended the area of the JavaScript application and it has been used for both the frontend as well as the backend servers. Nowadays, many business organizations are adopted Node js and also ended up getting positive results.

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