Can you lay down a Flat Screen TV? This is one question that you might have once pondered over when you needed to transport your newly bought Flat Screen (LCD & LED) TV. You would have seen that whenever you get the shipping of any flat screen items like monitor or TV done, the persons tasked with its handling take proper precaution and care. It is because the flat screens are generally fragile and therefore need extra care when moving them around. Thus, they are generally in cushion wraps and cardboard packing in order to prevent any damage whatsoever.

Brief Overview

We have seen that flat-screen items are generally not arrange on top of each other, i.e. are not stack one upon the other. We just keep them upright and safe. It is because the TV needs to get the correct package and we also need to keep it in such a way that evenly distributes its weight. But, people still wonder what’s in it that it is kept upright only and can’t be stacked one on the other.

Transporting an LCD TV is usually difficult. There are serious concerns related to the probabilities of your screen cracking or sustaining damage one way or the other. Due to damages, there won’t be a clear crack on the screen, but you’ll notice lines or discoloration once you turn it on. Therefore, it is not a great idea to lay down your Flat Screen TV.

The different types of TV screens

Plasma TV

A plasma screen consists of a double layer of glass that holds many tiny cells together, so once you lay it down, you’re probably risking a significant problem.
In case the layers come in contact or if there’s excessive pressure on the top. There’s a risk that a number of these tiny cells, or lamps as they’re known, might pop.


On the opposite hand, an LCD panel contains many pixels, which determine the quantity of red, green, or blue light. That is to allow on the display. The sunshine produced is in varying percentages.


An LED TV is simply like an LCD TV, though it’s a touch advance and contains a further layer for even better picture views.


If you’ve got a plasma screen, you ought to never lay it down flat. However, LCD TVs are not composed of similarly equivalent materials as plasma TV. So, you’ll technically lay them down for touch while without having to stress about something major. But, even we shall not keep LCD TVs for longer periods of time.

So, What Should I Do ?

Laying down Flat Screen Tv(s) like LCD, LED and/or Plasma is not recommended or advised. For a short duration, you can do so but not for a longer duration. Laying the TV down flat risks causing damages that may become permanent and hence, wastage of your resource. The rationale behind this is: these TV designs are such that their weight is in balance ideally when we keep the TV upright, or when it is mount onto a wall, but not when kept flat. Hence, keeping flat risks the screen cracking or causing bumps which may become permanent scars on your TV screen.

So, Lets see the best ways to transport your Flat Screen TV

Transporting a flat-screen TV safely and securely and in a sound manner requires you to follow several steps. Like,

  • First of all, you would like to trace your journey; how far is that the location?
  • Is there any need to take the TV downstairs and put it in a vehicle before transporting it to its destination?
  • Or, does one just got to move the TV from one place to another?

Once you are through these points. Here’s what you would like to try to to to move the TV safely and securely.

Pack it properly

Keep the TV in a proper cardboard box which usually contains polystyrene lining to absorb any shock and impacts. Nothing better if you have the original box case accompanying the TV, because it already has safety measures in place.
You will need to unscrew the TV stands and confirm you retain them so that the sides don’t touch the box. After that, you need to properly cover the box. Place the polystyrene edges on the highest right and left of the TV in order that it properly protects then cover it up. Then, close the case with proper tape material.

Carrying it away

When transporting the TV; Specially out-sized ones, it’s important that both hands are placed at the bottom, to prevent it from falling out. You can also put proper tape material on all sides to strengthen the bottom, by sealing it.

Can you lay down a Flat Screen TV

Lifting it up

It is always better if two people hold the TV from the sides to lift it up. And then, take proper care to always enter one file to guard the front of the TV, with evenly balanced steps.

Also, if you’ve got to transport the TV in a vehicle, then, do keep it an upright way.

CONCLUDING — Can you lay down a Flat Screen TV

I have mentioned some basic steps to follow and precautions to take. So, that the TV is transported from one place to another in a safe and secure manner. Do always keep in mind that we should not keep the Flat Screen TV(s) laying down on their surface. It risks causing wear and tear and permanent scars on the TV screen.

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