The AppLinker is an internally built, Android Systems App found going by the name It helps in facilitating an internet site to open directly the corresponding content in apps.

App Links is an open standard to deep link the contents in your app. When someone using your app shares content to Facebook or another App Links-enabled app you’ll create a link that creates it possible to leap back to your app from that piece of content.

What’s the use of AppLinker ?

AppLinker as mentioned earlier is an internally built, Android Systems App that automatically redirects an internet site to the right app. If you look in your internal phone apps you’ll find it as AppLinker or The App Links are HTTP URLs which will be wont to link to content inside a native app if it’s installed on the device. for instance , you’ve got the URL https:// and therefore the same content is additionally available on your native app.


These links help to bring more traffic and also make your content easily discover -able. It is because they are a special sort of deep link that allow your website URLs to right away open the corresponding content in your Android app.

Permissions Required by AppLinker

As you’ll know, some apps got to have some permissions for the right function in your device. On that note, the permissions needed for this internal app are :

  • Phone.
  • Storage.

What does DeepLinks mean?

A deep-link may be a hypertext link to a page on an internet site aside from its home page. The “deep” refers to the depth of the page during a site’s hierarchical data structure of pages. Any page below the highest page within the hierarchy (the home page) can thus be considered deep.

How to Test DeepLinks ?

To test DeepLinks we can make use of the ADB or the Android-Debug-Bridge tool. We can use this to check various intent filters of URLs and verify.


How to find Google Apps URLs?

  • Click the Android icon within the upper-right corner of the page.
  • From this menu you’ll see the name of your Google Play account at the highest .
  • Upload the name of your Google Play account to the Publishing Information page of your instrument panel.

How to create Links on Android

  • On your Android device Tap on Edit > Home > Insert
  • Thereafter, tap on Link.
  • Enter the text to display and therefore the address of your link.
  • Tap Insert.

Is it a Virus/Bloatware ?

The AppLinker as you’ll know is generally a daily use app. Therefore it’s quite impossible for it to be any virus/bloatware or any other harmful file system.

One may think of it as any VIrus or worm in cases having adverse effects or malfunctioning in their phones caused by other apps, but, since this is a common app people might think it as the main cause of the malfunctions. In cases such as these one can easily go to Security settings and verify the apps.

How does one verify an app?

The settings to activate this feature will vary supported your Android software. If you’re using something less than Android 4.2, then :

  • Visit settings menu
  • Navigate to Google Settings > Verify App.
  • Again attend Settings > Security > Verify apps

Here’s a quick overview on Silent Logging !!

Can AppLinker application be uininstalled?

The AppLinker may be a vital app within the daily use of your smartphone. It’s easier to navigate within the android system with this app installed. It is for this reason its’ deliberated to not uninstall this app. Anyways there are various tricky options that you can follow if you want to uninstall it but remember, uninstalling this app will hinder normal functioning of your device as it will malfunction.

Some of the tricks to uninstall these apps include Factory Resetting and using 3rd-Party “App Removers” like the System App Remover.

System App Remover (Rooting Necessary)

  • First step first, we need to Install System App Remover software.
  • Then, open it and find the AppLinker application and select the same.
  • Thereafter, select uninstall.
  • This solves the problem.

How do I stop apps from opening links?

  • Launch the Setting application.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Apps option.
  • Then tap on the gear icon at the highest right of the screen.
  • Tap on the Opening Links option.
  • Thereafter, toggle the Open Links in Apps option off.


This post has been an amalgamation of various tips and tricks and facts. We have seen what are Links, What are DeepLinks, How do we create DeepLinks, The usage of DeepLinks. Also, we have seen how to test and verify these app links? Alongwith that we have gone on to see various other facets of the game called AppLinker.

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