In this article, we will tell the solutions of why the Airpods case not charging. As we know the apple AirPods are very popular and there are many people who love enjoying their favorite music with them. We can understand that when the AirPods case is not working right then it is so frustrating. When you place the AirPods in the charging case then it must charge everything properly but sometimes it does not work as it should. If you are really wondering how to fix things then have a look at some solutions related to your AirPods case not charging issues.

Why is my Airpods case not charging?

There are eight reasons why your AirPods case is not charging and that’s given below:

apple airpods case is not charging

1. Reset your Airpods to the factory default:

 Due to some type of glitch or an error, the AirPods case not charge, and if you want to fix this then you have to hold the setup button in the back of the charging case until and unless it flashes amber and then white. Then you can release the setup button and it will be reset so that you will pair it with the smartphone once again.

2. Clean your charging case:

How to Clean Your Airpods Case

Sometimes your charging case gets dirty and it isn’t connecting with the Airpods right due to debris. This can be prevented by using the cloth to clean the charging case. You can use the brand new toothbrush to scrub the case and then try to clean it being careful.

3. Change lightning cables:

There are some people who will find the lightning cable is to blame for their Airpods case not charging. If you are getting a new lightning cable and hooking things up with that could make the difference. This means that you have to go out and buy a new lightning cable. Basically, you are unaware of an issue like this because you can use the lightning cable to charge your phone as well.

4. Stop using extension cords:

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If you are using the extension cords then it is possible that this can stop the things from charging up properly. This is an insufficient power supply which is to get blamed for the charging issues directly into the wall socket and see if that makes a difference.

5. Update your Airpods:

This solution is also best i.e., installing the newest software update will have a positive impact and fix what is going on. Usually, it is best to ensure that you have the latest software updates and you have to take the time to update your Airpods and then see if the charging situation improves.

6. Use a different charger:

If you will find a different charger approved for charging AirPods then you can get the things to work as well and will not involve fixing your AirPods charging case but it can solve your problem. There are many charging options like charging pads, other solutions. It can simply look that your charging case broke and the lightning port damaged.

7. Buy a new case:

The buying of a new case is also the best solution to solve the issue. In this, you can also go to the apple store and there you can find a replacement for the AirPods charging case and from this, the employees will get happy to find you what you need and it is possible to order the replacement case online if you want to do that.

8. Return your AirPods:

The returning of AirPods is also the best solution to resolve your issue which means that you can simply return them to the store to get a replacement and this will allow avoiding having a deal with the issues and you can get back to enjoying AirPods again and for the many people this will be the most practical solution.


From the above article, we can conclude that the AirPods cases sometimes faulty and usually the fixes described above will help your AirPods case back to working conditions in record times. Make sure you clean your AirPods case and ports regularly with the soft cloth or a new toothbrush so that the error “Airpod case not charging” won’t occur again. You must consult the professionals also after trying out the tips.

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