Many people nowadays generally use android devices in their lifestyle. People can stay without food or other needy things but they can’t live without android devices. Silent logging is one such application which get use for the fashionable settings of your devices. One may find it as a package named com.sec.modern.settings It’s a touch suspicious to possess this application on an android device.

Silent Logging Explained

As we all know that silent logging android is an application that we install on our device to access our Android, you’re also allowed to watch your phone by this app. This is often an internally inbuilt, pre-installed app which is employed in android devices with VOLTE. This is often a high-speed wireless communication utilized in mobile devices and data terminals with modern equipment.

How to Download and Install the Silent Logging App

  • Firstly you would like to download the (dot).apk file on your devices.
  • Then you would like to permit third-party apps on your devices and install the silent log.
  • Now attend your file manager or browser location then you would like to locate the silent log.
  • At last enjoy the appliance to safeguard your device from spyware, malware, and adware viruses.

Permissions for Silent Logging

Silent logging features a lot of permissions required for a tool. It’s access to internal settings and you’ll see all the permissions required for the right working of it.

You can also access the permission by getting to settings then you’ve got to point out the system apps and choose silent logging after doing this you’ll see the choice to ascertain the permissions.

Is it a malware or anything as such ?

As we are on the web most of the time and lots of users think that silent logging may be a malware or virus because it’s suspicious and wishes to be deleted as this is often a politician app from Android and may not be considered as an epidemic. Therefore don’t worry it is neither a virus, nor any malware or bloatware. If you’ve got issues regarding silent logging, you’ll attempt to disable it or clean the cache thereon and therefore the best trick should be to factory reset your device.

Here’s a quick guide on the Com Sec ePDG

Extra battery amount lost what to do?

We all know that an android device battery may be a big factor and a serious problem for users. Silent logging drains the battery in no time and this is often often not a serious problem for this app. As, this is a legit build-in app like other apps and may have issues once during a while. If you discover that this app is draining your battery fast the simplest option is to disable the app or restore your mobile.

Can it be uninstalled ?

Yes, one can easily uninstall it. It is an internally inbuilt application and internal applications so it’s possible to disable it any time to see how your device runs without it.

Silent Logging

The steps to delete and uninstall silent logging app are as below :

  • Open this application and then,
  • Touch the menu and attend the app settings
  • Now you’ll see the delete account options
  • Delete it then click on confirm.

Steps to Stop seeing Google Ads on your device

  • Open your device then attend settings
  • Click on touch settings.
  • Now attend the location setting by scrolling down.
  • Click on touch pop-ups the slide the choices to seek out close up pop-ups and switch it off.
  • Now caress your slider to dis-able the ads feature
  • Now touch the setting cog

What is SysScope ? — Got any idea !!!

Every Android features a default application called SysScope. It is an abbreviation of System Scoper. Because it may be a system application so one is not allow to or should not delete it. If you would like to delete it you’ve got to try to to it through the basis of the device program.

How to disable Bio-metrics on Android ?

Follow these quick steps to show off bio-metrics on Android.

  • Open your Android device and attend the settings section.
  • Now you’ll see the lock screen and security option
  • Touch the lock screen and security option
  • You can see the biometrics section touch thereon
  • Now you would like to off all the screen locks type and toggle options.


As at the last we found and located that silent logging application helps the android devices to access the devices to watch the matter and fix them. There is always a a positive side as well as a negative side of any application. The positive side is it helps the devices to urge safe and virus-free whereas its negative side is it drains the batteries in no time.

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