Are you a power user and work constantly on JavaScript applications you should probably see and used Node.js? There are many different types of tools in Node.js and npm (node package manager) can help you manage those tools. What npm does is installs the packages that you need and also provides a terminal interface. So, you can work with these packages and tools. Sometimes you get this message of Npm to err missing script start because if you recently updated to the newest version and tried to run npm start on your terminal. And the other factor can be running a command such as a node Filename.js to run your file while not having a script for start.

Npm err missing script start

Whichever may be the case you can follow the steps given below and learn about Npm err missing script start without incurring an error message. 

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What is the Cause of the npm err! missing script: start Error?

If you get the error npm err! missing script: start when you type npm start, it may be because of a missing line in the script object located in your package.json file. The error also signifies that the missing content is about the start command. 

How to Fix the Error Message?

Now we will discuss some steps that can fix this error. We will navigate to our project’s package.json file and add a start script to the file. In this way, we will be able to use the npm start command.

  • Firstly, navigate to your package.json file by typing npm init in your terminal. You will go through the process of creating a package.json file. Then, the utility will ask some basic questions. For instance, project name and starting file name. We used the file name of “App.js” as we are working on it. So, you can type this for the “entry point” option. After choosing the best options, you can press Enter to accept the defaults. 
 Npm err missing script start
  • Secondly, navigate to the location of the file and open it. The directory that you are currently in will save the package.json file inside your terminal. We found the file in user directory that is the same place where “App.js” file is. In your package.json file, add a start script in the “scripts” object. This will help you in activating your npm start command.
 Npm err missing script start
  • Lastly, try running npm start again. Now you will be able to run it successfully.


In this blog, we talked about how to fix Npm err missing script start. As you can see the error was pretty detailed and there was a missing script regarding the start command! 

Now what we did for a solution was we went into our package.json file where our scripts live and then added a new start script. Hope you find everything useful. Thank you for the read.

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