Samsung creates its own UI on top of the Android. This provides them with self designed basic applications like Messaging, browser, settings, etc. The IP Multimedia Sub-System (IMS Service) is an architectural framework for delivering multimedia services to consumers. But, as always with system apps it sometimes occurs that it begins to bring errors or stopping/fixing messages. If you are also one of them who has faced this issue, then, today I am going to solve your problem for once and all.

IMS Service

Why the error message?

After doing a survey and also going through various test reports it was found out that, this error message may be due to the following issues :


All applications store cache so as to decrease loading times. The cache decreases the time it takes to load a particular application by saving temporary files on the partition. However, over time this cache are often corrupted. This corrupted cache can cause issues with certain Android applications especially with the messaging app and stop it from working properly. When the appliance doesn’t work properly it displays the IMS service has stopped error.

The Default Messaging App

Counting on the region where you reside and therefore the Network provider that you simply use. There are certain configuration files that the Network providers apply before providing the web , calling and messaging facilities. It’s possible that these configuration settings are interfering with certain elements of the default applications and preventing them from working properly.

Old Apps

In some cases, old and outdated applications won’t work properly with the updated version of the Android. Also, it’s possible that there have been any bugs within the applications and that they get fix by developers. Outdate/Old Android Software: it’s possible that the Android OS Software experience some bug which get a fixed in an update. Therefore, if one does not update their Android to the newest version you would possibly experience this error.

Now that you simply have a basic understanding of the character of the difficulty we’ll advance towards the solutions. So as to avoid any conflicts, it’s recommended that you simply follow the steps accurately and within the specific order during which they’re provided.

Here’s an overview of the SCPM Client !!

Fixing the IMS Service has stopped error

There are various methods that we can utilize to do so. Lets see each of these methods one by one.

IMS Service

Check for Application Updates

It is possible that the Android software has experienced some bug which maybe fixed in an update. Therefore, during this step, we’ll be checking for any software updates to the mobile. For that:

  • Unlock the phone and open the settings.
  • Scroll right down to rock bottom and tap on “About Phone“.
  • Click on the “Software Updates” and choose the “Check for Updates” option.
  • If a replacement software update is out there , click on the “Download Now” option that appears after the checking process has finished.
  • After the phone finishes downloading the update, “verify” it.
  • The update are going to install and therefore the phone will launch back to the traditional mode.
  • Restart the mobile and check to ascertain if the difficulty persists.

Clear Cache Data

Over time, the cache gets or becomes corrupt. This may cause various issues. Therefore, during this step, we’ll be wiping the cache from the partition completely. For that:

  • Hold down the facility button and choose “Switch OFF“.
  • Hold the “Home” button and “Volume increase” button simultaneously then press and hold the “Power” button also .
  • When the Samsung Logo screen appears, release only the “Power” key.
  • Press the “Volume down” key until the “Wipe Cache Partition” is highlight. Navigating right down to the “Wipe Cache Partition option”
  • Press the “Power” button and await the device to clear the cache partition.
  • When the method is completed, navigate down the list through the “Volume Down” button until “Reboot System Now” is highlighted.
  • Press “Power” key to pick the choice and restart the device.
  • Once the device is restarted, check to ascertain if the difficulty persists.

Safe Mode Launch

The safe mode disables just about every other application installed on the phone apart from the default one. This will prevent other apps from interfering with the default messaging application and help to spot the difficulty . Therefore, during this step, we’ll be launching the device within the Safe Mode. For that:

  • Press the facility button and choose “Switch OFF” option.
  • Once the device is turn off completely, switch it on by holding the facility button for two seconds.
  • When the Samsung animation logo displays hold down the “Volume Down” button.
  • The word “Safe Mode” gets display at the lower left corner of the screen when the method is successful.
  • Check to ascertain if the difficulty persists, if it’s solve. Then, attempt to delete one third–party application then check if the message still shows up.
  • You’ll continue this process until by deleting a particular application the matter solves.

Factory Reset your device

  • Visit the Settings option.
  • Then, go to General management.
  • Following which, you need to tap on Reset option.
  • Then, select Factory data reset when prompt.
  • Finally, tap the push button and enter your screen lock if there’s any.

Note: One should first backup the device data because factory resetting your device will result in the complete loss of all data in the system (both, internal and external).

IMS Service


Here, we have seen What is the IMS Service? Proceeding further we have also seen why the error message might show-up. We then moved on to see the various methods to disable IMS Service. Thus, going through various fixes to the ever stopping issues. You may generally not need to disable this, but, in case you may have to. Then, this article will come in quite handy with all the tricks up its sleeves for you. Till then, see-ya !!

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