If you have ever tried to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI cable but have failed miserably. Don’t worry you have come to the right place for finding a solution to your quest.

Gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstation are usually used with smart TVs, but some people wish to connect their console to their laptop. It’s a transportable way of enjoying video games and excellent for gamer’s who travel with their console.

This step-by-step guide explains how you’ll connect your Xbox One to your laptop via HDMI or even wireless.

What is XBOX One?

Xbox One has succeeded the Xbox 360, the simplest gaming console of all time! It is because of this that Microsoft had to form this machine better than the last one. That they had to travel one step closer to a T . They really have achieved that, because the Xbox One can run latest games.

How to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI

It is thus, also able to run high-end games needing excess processing power because of their advanced graphic requirements. This text details all the mechanisms required to run an Xbox one on your laptop’s screen.

HDMI input and HDMI output

Xbox One can be considered the output source, and it sends data to the input source. Confirm your laptop has HDMI input. Some gaming laptops accompany both HDMI Input alongwith the output port, and most don’t. Without HDMI input, one cannot connect the console to your machine.

Usually, HDMI ports are labeled. Therefore, to know whether your laptop has HDMI port or not, one needs to check for the ports manually. If your HDMI port is labeled “HDMI-in,” then it’s HDMI input; if it’s labeled only “HDMI,” then it’s output.

In cases, where your laptop doesn’t possess HDMI input

Laptops with HDMI-in are pretty rare, so if you furthermore may have a laptop with only HDMI output, you’ll still connect your Xbox one employing a USB HDMI game capture card or wirelessly; keep reading to seek out out how.

How to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI

The technique mentioned below is for people that have a laptop with an HDMI-in port; if you would like to attach your console employing a USB HDMI game capture card, you may leave this portion and skip reading the steps below for now while you jump to the next section.

Things Required :

  • HDMI cable.
  • Laptop With HDMI-in port.

Steps to Follow :

  • First, you would like to attach the HDMI cable to your laptop or PC.
  • Now connect the opposite side of the cable to the HDMI-in port of your Xbox One.
  • Go to XBOX settings
  • In settings, search for “TV & OneGuide,” scroll right down to “Audio & Video,” and click on thereon .
  • In “Audio & Video,” open “HDMI,” then your Xbox one will automatically detect your laptop. After it detects, select Next
  • Once you’re connected, open ”One guide” > found out your cable or satellite box > Next > Skip >enter Xbox id.
  • Now you ought to be ready to play Xbox one games on your laptop.

Here’s a complete guide to an originial XBOX emulator for Android !!!

Using USB Video Card to Connect

If your laptop doesn’t have HDMI-in and you continue to want to attach your Xbox via HDMI cable. Then, you’ve got to thus, use a USB HDMI game capture card. Remember that you simply might experience a small input delay while gaming if you connect via a capture card.

Things Required :

  • HDMI cable.
  • USB 3.0 cable.
  • A USB HDMI game capture card.

Steps to Follow :

  • Connect the HDMI cable to your Xbox HDMI port and also plug the opposite end of the cable into the capture card’s HDMI input port.
  • Then, plug-in the opposite HDMI cable to the capture card’s output port and plug the opposite end of the cable into your laptop.
  • Thereafter, continue with connecting the USB cable to the capture card and plug the opposite end into the USB slot of your laptop.
  • Download OBS application —> Install it on the laptop
  • OBS is a no cost streaming application. You’ve got to put in it on your laptop and choose the video capture card.
  • After you follow the above steps, you are good to go.
How to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI

XBOX One to Laptop without HDMI

For this thing, first and foremost thing that you will require is a Wi-fi/Ethernet connection to attach your console wirelessly.

  • You need to allow the DirectX 1 feature on your laptop. Turn it on.
  • Thereafter, you need to download the XBOX application from Play Store. Thereby, proceed with its installation.
  • Then, login to your Xbox account and switch on your Xbox One.
  • Click on “Connection” on the left vertical bar of icons; the choice is above the gear icon.
  • Make sure your Xbox One and laptop, both connect to an equivalent network.
  • After clicking on “Connection,” your console will connect and you’ll be ready to record, stream, and play your favorite games on the laptop.

Note: You can also enable remote for your gaming console using this application and play games directly on your laptop.

How to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI

SUMMING UP –> How to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI

In all earnest, this quality article on how to play XBOX one on Laptop with HDMI is what you need today. It has got covered various methods to be successful in your endeavor. It also details the steps, which will even enable you to connect without any HDMI cable too. And, in case you want to connect with a Video Card, you can do that too.

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