What is DRParser Mode com.sec.android.app.parser android? Where it’s used for & its Code list? the way to fix if not working? The ways to get obviate DRParser mode? The ways to bypass FRP? These might be some of the questions frustrating you for sometime, or might frustrate you in the future. So, this text is just for you and all other Samsung device users who ever forgot your google password and ran out of options on the way to unlock your Google account now? Thus, this post will help you in How to Disable DRParser Mode ?

The DRParser Mode?

It is a secret hidden in-built application provided by Samsung. Only very few users realize this application as if one may even see this app in their system apps list but the way to open this application is totally an entire different thing. So before stepping into the roots lets summarize this app.

What does DRParser Mode do?

DRParser acts as an intermediary between the user and therefore the system. This application helps you in some ways . Just by entering the code, you’ll open the Sysdump or the Service mode or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypass your Google Account. There’s such a lot more you’ll do with the utilization of this application. The Sysdump gives you an image of the presently introduced ROM, permitting you to reestablish your telephone if something goes astray. Getting a reinforcement of the framework ROM need to be your initial step before making any Android working framework updates or introducing custom ROM pictures.

How to Factory Reset Protection(FRP) bypass your Google account?

  • As a matter of first importance, boot up your Samsung telephone and interface it to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Then, accept all conditions and stay for the merchandise update.
  • Visit the Home Screen and choose the Emergency Calling option.
  • Call 911/ 100 and rapidly activate Bluetooth choice at the decision interface.
  • Interface your device with the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.
  • When done, hold down the decision button (just in upheld Bluetooth headsets) to open Google Now.
  • Presently, say anything,
  • Enter Calculator to open the appliance and afterward type in: (+30012012732+
  • Your device will currently attend DRParser Mode.
  • Keep entering: *#0808#
  • Click on the DM/ACM/ADB option and reboot your device.
  • This will help you out successfully.

Here’s a quick overview on What is Com.WsSynceMLDM ?

How to Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypass your Google account ?

  • Visit the Home Screen on your device.
  • Following which you need to download the file and extract the contents.
  • Then, attach your device to the PC with the help of USB link and permit USB Debugging on your gadget
  • Finally, run the FRP_techzai.bat and wait for the completion of this step.

Various Codes?

Herein, the below given list consists of all the codes that really work on DRParser. Lets see these commands.

  • Service Mode – *#9900#
  • General Test Mode – *#0*#
  • General Test Mode – *#0*#
  • View status info for GSM network – *#0011#
  • Service Mode USB – *#9090#
  • Check the IMEI number – *#06#
  • Check OS version – *#1234#
  • Battery Status – *#0288#
  • Hardware Version – *#2222#
  • Check both Hardware and Software version – *#12580*369#
  • USB Service – *#0808#
  • Control Audio Loopback – *#0283#
  • TSK/TSP firmware update – *#2663#
  • Update Camera Firmware – *#34971539#

What is com.sec.android.app.parser android or the Factory Reset option ?

The DRParser mode com.sec.android.app.parser android or the Factory reset is one among the alternatives accessible within the restoration. Or, even from the settings menu on your gadget. By choosing this, you’ll reset your phone to the processing reset settings.

Regardless of how it’s accomplished, choosing manufacturing factory reset will wipe all the knowledge from your phone returning it to a processing factory state. You won’t restore anything once the knowledge is gone within the event that it’s not been recently sponsored up.

To understand the term parser during a far better way so basically Parser APK his bundle can separate application bundle files in APK design utilized by gadgets running on Android OS. It can open an APK file and concentrate the contained show file to parse it and recover the meta-data it contains just like the application name, depiction, gadget highlight access consent it requires, and so on.

DRParser mode not working — How to Disable DRParser Mode

There are often multiple reasons why the DRParser mode isn’t working, whenever you type the text in calculator for DRParser mode, the screen just pops up and vanishes away. this is often how you get to understand that something is wrong together with your DRParser mode calculator. But users don’t understand or are conscious of the answer to the present error. That’s because there are many issues which will cause this error right from the appliance getting corrupted in how. Or, because you would possibly have disabled this application from working. So, you would like to think about tons of things so as to form this application run again.

The best thing you’ll do is that if this application doesn’t work on all even after trying every alternative then you’ll try these codes on your phone dialer app and presumably they’re going to work and you’ll be able to perform the specified procedure.

Or simply Force stop the appliance and begin it again, few applications tend to figure by doing so.

Is DRParser mode Safe? — How to Disable DRParser Mode

Yes, the DRParser Mode is Safe. It is neither a bloatware, nor a Virus, nor a Malware, Spyware or any other such malicious worm. It is safe. And, it is just a Service Mode application in various Samsung devices.

The Service Mode application has different options: run dump state, enable calm logging from the boot and there are three dims out or greyed options including low player dump, TCP dump start, and IMS logger. The analyst uncovers that tcpdump is an order line parcel analyzer that’s utilized to catch network traffic. Notwithstanding, tapping the catch request an OTP, which the scientist skirted by switching the ServiceMode application and making an OTP. The scientist was then able to get the OTP within the originate and commenced running tcpdump to catch all the organization traffic on the neighborhood stockpiling.


In this article, we have seen How to Disable DRParser Mode? Along with that, we have also taken a sneak peek into various codes that work on DRParser mode and the way it works. We have also got accustomed to the way to bypass FRP (factory reset protection) your google account. You may generally not need to disable the DRParser mode. But, in extreme conditions if you might need to do so this article will come in quite handy with all the tricks up its sleeves.

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