Lets get ourselves some idea on the issue of Com Android CTS Priv CtsShimf as to What is it? What it does? Is it a virus, bloatware, malware or a spyware? Also, the fix to the Com Android CTS Priv CtsShim issue?


Before jumping into main topic lets get a transparent understanding about android package. A package may be a generally a directory where our ASCII text file resides. Normally, this is often a directory structure that uniquely identifies your application; like com.example.app and it’s stored under /data /app /com /com/.

Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim — What is it?

Com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim may be a package that comes with the Android OS. CTS stands for “Compatibility Test Suite,” and priv represents private. One will find two package name in your system apps: First one is privately used and second (com.android.cts.ctsshim) used globally. Basically, CTS may be a tool for developers. Many compatibility issues arise once we mention Android apps and their versions. Newly developed apps aren’t designed to figure with old Android versions.

Location – “/system/priv-app/CtsShimPrivbuilt/CtsShimPrivPrebuilt.apk”

CTS resides on the partition of your system. It serves for verifying certain upgrade scenarios. This test is travel by the vendors to make sure that their hardware are compatible with the version of Android OS. CTS basically has two parts, one among which is run on the event computer (Mac or 64-bit Linux). Another partis the system file that’s present in Android by default. Thus, the com.android.cts.priv. ctsshim or com.android.cts.ctsshim may be a pre-installed thing, so you ought to not mess with it. Also, you can’t delete it from your device. To do so, you would like to root your android device. However, deleting these system files gives rise to varied problems. They turn your device numb.

Use of Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim

Now you recognize com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim, or more precisely CTS (Compatibility Test Suite). Thus, it is like a developer tool to seek out and solve compatibility problems with applications on Android. It consists of two parts: one that runs on a PC and the other than runs on Android.

Moreover, CTS it is like a package residing on a devices/system partition to verify specific upgrade scenarios. It contains code and specifies the singular APK which will be wont to upgrade it. It’s an important a part of SafetyNet, an API by Google. This ensures that your phone is original and not tampered with any critical system parameters. If we built our own android app, then the name “com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim” are going to be included there by default. If you’re trying to run a program, remove the road and run it in your own android studio; it’ll work correctly.

Note: If you’ve got root rights, then this application are often removed easily. But if it doesn’t make your phone slow, eating battery, then it’s better to go away it. the appliance may be a system app, and it shouldn’t harm.

Compatibility Test Suite

In the Mi Community forum, it’s a written that CTS may be a free suite of compatibility tests. Thus, while, running on a PC it performs several testing tasks on a device that which is connect with the PC. CTS may be a suite of unit tests specifically design to integrate into the daily workflow of device engineers. The task of tests to spot incompatibilities at an early stage also ensures software compatibility throughout the event process.

The latest update and download is usually available on the android source site. Directly visit to site then come to read more and download.

To run CTS, you initially got to prepare three main things:

  • The physical environment
  • Your desktop machine (64-bit Linux or Mac)
  • Your android device on which you’ll perform the tests.

Here’s a very useful read on the Chocoeukor App?

Is Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim a Virus/Bloatware/Spyware?

  • No, Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim is not any Virus/Spyware/Malware?Bloatware.
  • Although some antivirus softwares identify com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim or com.android.cts.ctsshim as Trojan, however it’s not any virus.
  • It may be a pre-made package for Google’s native CTS Compatibility test, which is mandatory.
  • If it asks surely permissions, it may be that there is another app hiding in its disguise requesting permissions.
  • To make certain , match the signature of the files with the signature of the known source files. If it doesn’t match, then it’s probable that it’s a malware.
Com Android CTS Priv CtsShim

Fixing the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim error

  • Attend settings > Apps
  • Next on the highest right corner you’ll see three dots, click thereon .
  • You’ll see many options, select “Show System Apps.”
  • Now you’ll easily find the package com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim and com.android.cts.ctsshim, choose one by one.
  • Attend storage of every one.
  • Click on clear cache then clear data. This may perhaps fix the difficulty .

Note: If the method above doesn’t work well, then, in that case, we should be ready to perform factory reset of our device. But, one thing to remember here is we need to create backups of our phone data beforehand. So, that data loss doesn’t occur in the kerfuffle of such exotic madness to get rid of this issue.


Through this post, it is quite clear that Com. Android. CTS.Priv.CtsShim is nothing but an android package which comes in as a CTS (Compatibility Test Suite) for performing several compatibility tests. It is neither a virus nor a bloatware and neither a malware. It is just an ordinary Android package. Thus, there isn’t any cause of concern or worry for you or me or the multitude of users of Android smartphones.

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