CarmodeStub is a preinstalled app on many Android devices. This app is related to MirrorLink which can transform your telephone into an automotive app platform. In this blog, we will discuss the real purpose of the CarmodeStub app with instances that you face in your daily life. So, ride along with us on this blog and get to know all about it.


CardmodeStub is a component of MirrorLink that helps in syncing the device with your car. In this way, you will be able to see the device screen´s into the car screen. However, please note that this is only applicable if your car is compatible with Mirrorlink.

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Here is how you can also download it easily

What is the use of CarmodeStub?


Your phone gets deactivated while driving when you are using CarmodeStub. This app works in the background while you drive. So, you will not receive any messages and calls until you turn the car off. If you receive a call while driving then there will be a redirection to the voice recorder. The caller will get an instruction that you are driving and you will call back afterward.

Can you uninstall CardmodeStub?

The answer to this question is Yes. You have the option to uninstall the CarmodeStub. This is because the app does not present any risk about the daily use of devices. However, we suggest you do a security copy first or try to stop the app before uninstalling it. Then, you will get to see the reaction of the device. You should keep in mind that after you uninstall CarmodeStub, you will be unable to sync your smartphone with your car.

If you want to uninstall CarmodeStub, you should be a different kind of user with benefits. You have an option to install an app that is destined to remove internal apps. We suggest you install Titanium Backup or Uninstaller Pro.

What permission does CarmodeStub require?

As we have already understood that CarmodeStub is related to the device´s Car Mode. And it is a built-in app in the device so, it does not need any permission to operate. For the right operation of the device, the only permission required is from the Phone.

CarmodeStub: Virus or Safe app?

CarmodeStub is an internal app and usually, internal apps are not considered viruses. You can view this app in your installed applications and you know how it works. There may be some issues relating to messages and battery consumption in regards to the CarmodeStub. But rest assured as it is not harmful to your device. We recommend you clean your device with some useful apps that are wired for cleaning internal errors.


In this blog, we discussed all the important details about the CardmodeStub. Hope that it helps you in solving any of your related to this app. Thank you for reading our blog.

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